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I’ve spent 30 years in personal finance -- 10 as an investment adviser for major Wall Street firms and the last 20 as a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance TV news guy. Since I started Money Talks News in 1990, I’ve done about 3,000 news stories on saving more, spending less, avoiding rip-offs and understanding investing. While I’ve had a website for more than 10 years, I’m relatively new to blogging.

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Followup – What’s in a (Brand) Name?

Manufacturers of brand-name grocery store items are getting concerned about competition from store brands – with good reason. […]

September 29th is National Coffee Day: Here’s Where to Get a Free Cup

Every day is a holiday somewhere. But for stressed-out workers, today means great deals on the drink that keeps America going. Here's where to find yours free. […]

Monday’s Money Deal: Online Grocery Coupons

Like everything else online, searching for grocery coupons can score you a deal or a scam. Best bet: Stick the big sites. Here's a list that will help net you deals without potential malware, adware or other net-based nastiness. […]

For National Coupon Month – a Contrarian View

September is National Coupon Month. But don't believe the hype – not all advice about coupons is worth your time. […]

Are We About to Pay a 1% National Sales Tax?

Is there a law pending in Congress that would require paying a 1% sales tax on all transactions? Technically, yes. […]

Monday’s Money Deal: Good Shoes for Bad Feet

Men hate buying shoes as much as women love to. It's worse when those men have foot problems. Here's an offbeat way to to find the right shoes for the wrong feet. […]

Thousands of E-books: Free

When you think about using the library now, you may think of getting in the car, driving to the nearest branch, finding the book you're looking for - hopefully all the copies won't be checked out - then waiting in line to borrow it. But what if all you had to do was to log on to the library's website, do a quick search, then click "download"? […]

Ask Stacy: Last Lessons for My College Kid?

This week we look at a question regarding a soon-to-be graduating student and the potential expiration of the so-called Bush tax cuts. […]

How to Sniff Out the Right Pet Sitter

When you travel without your pets, you have two options: board them at an expensive kennel, or hire a pet sitter. Pet sitters put less stress on your pets - but choose carefully. Here's how to find the right one. […]