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Save Money When Eating Out

My wife and I have 3 kids.  We prefer to feed them home-cooked meals, but there are times when it’s fun and/or convenient to eat out.  Here are a few ways that we have learned to save money when eating out – with kids! Budget for eating out. This is critical.  Folks often underestimate how much they are going to spend on eating out – and run into problems at the end of the month.  If you are going […]

Paying Off Mortgage Progress January 2013

My wife an I are working hard to achieve our goal of paying off our mortgage early. As of February 2013, my wife and I will have lived in our new home for 3 years. We have a conventional, fixed-rate, 15-year mortgage.  We recently reduced the interest rate on our mortgage. Our goal is to pay it off our mortgage in less than ten total years. As of February 1, 2013, we will have made 35 regular, mon […]

How To Organize Mail

I enjoy checking the mail.  I know it’s old fashioned – but I’m and old fashioned kind of guy! I do not, however, like dealing with clutter.  So, I’ve developed a simple system for organizing our mail. I use 15 file folders, a file box, and a small filing cabinet. The Setup I have three folders – one labeled bills to pay, one labeled paperwork to file, and one labeled action to take. I keep the fo […]

Dealing With Clutter In An Effort To Simplify

Simplify.  Everything. That’s my goal for 2013.  To that end, here’s what I have done – so far. Using an old nightstand, I created a charging-station for our cell phones, iPads and Kindles.  Basically, I drilled two holes through the back of the nightstand and then snaked the charging-cords through those holes.  Now, we can plug in our devices, place them in the nightstand drawers, and they are h […]

Save 15% Off H&R Block At Home Online

Taxes. We all have to file them, so why not get an early start – and save a little money. H&R Block is offering a 15% discount on their At Home Online Tax Software. Click this link to Save 15% on H&R Block At Home Software. The discount is good on their basic, deluxe, premium, and premium & business software. When my wife and I were getting out of debt, we used our tax refund to reduce our total d […]

Discover it Credit Card: 0% Balance Transfers

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am a big fan of finding ways to reduce interest rates. One thing that my wife and I did when getting out of debt was take advantage of a 0% interest rate via a credit card balance transfer. The transfer rate that we took advantage of was for 12 months. Well, Discover has just launched their new Discover it Card, featuring a 0% interest rate for 18 months. Click her […]

Simplify. Everything.

My main goal for 2013? Simplify.  Everything. Over the past few years, I have worked very hard to simplify my life – to focus on  the essential, important things, people, and opportunities in my life. In my relationships, with friends and family, at church and in the community, I have learned to connect with and care for people who add to my life.  This is not to say that I have no time or room fo […]

How I Reduced Monthly Interest and Finance Charges

When my wife and I were getting out of credit card debt, we worked hard to reduce two things - the total debt balance – what we owed to all of our creditors (total credit card debt) and the total amount of interest we were paying each month to finance our credit card debt. When we first started paying off our debt, we were not overly concerned with out various interest rates.  Instead, we focused […]

Happy New Year From No Credit Needed

I hope that you have a blessed and happy New Year! 2012 was an interesting year for me and my family.  On a personal level, it was one of the most fulfilling years of my life.  I have been encouraged in my professional and spiritual life – and I am very excited about 2013. Blogging has changed a lot since I started No Credit Needed back in 2005.  I started the site over at “blogger” – and at that […]