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Resource Reminder – 7 Hours For Healthier Finances

Last year I wrote a series of articles entitled Dedicate 7 Hours for Healthier Finances.  Since that time, readership of No Credit Needed has increased – and I want to make sure that new readers (and folks who might have missed the series the first time around) are aware of it. The premise behind the series is pretty simple:  Let’s see if we can take 1 hour, each day, for one full week, and impro […]

Getting One Month Ahead

One of the things that I disliked the most about life pre-No Credit Needed was the pressure of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Prior to getting serious about managing our finances, I struggled, always living on that fine line between just-enough and flat-broke.  One of the joys of my current lifestyle is that I have broken the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck. Before I proceed, let me point out the fol […]

Savings Goals Listed By Priority

One of my main goals is to live the rest of my life without having to borrow any more money. At present, my wife and I are consumer-debt free and we are working hard to pay off our mortgage. In order to remain debt free, it is important that we think both short-term and long-term about our savings goals. I have created a list of our goals and ranked them by priority. […]

It’s Time To Make The Taxes

It’s that time of year again – tax time. Yay. I sat down last night and started sorting through all of our tax documents for 2010. I’ve been using an online site to prepare out taxes for several years and will do the same this year. In early 2010, we purchased our first home. Our lender sent us Form 1098. […]

How I Got Out Of Debt

It’s been a while since I’ve written about how my wife and I paid off our consumer debt.  I thought new readers (and folks who have been around for years) might benefit from a retelling of our story. Back in April of 2005, my wife and I decided that it was time to get out of debt.  We had a total of just over $11,500 in consumer debt, consisting of credit card debt and two automobile payments.  I […]

Firmly Standing On The Middle Ground

As I sat down tonight to work on our budget for February – using the awesome You Need A Budget – I noticed something:  I stand rather firmly on the middle ground.  Allow me to explain - There are some folks who choose to live without television.  There are some folks who pay for every possible channel. I have basic satellite service, with no premium channels. There are some folks who do just fine […]

Achieving Financial Goals – The Process Remains The Same

I do not like distractions.  When I am working on an article, I don’t want to listen to music.  When I am watching television, I do not want to hear the noise of the dish washer.  My mind is of the proverbial “one-track” variety.  Multitasking is not for me. When it comes to the management of our finances, I find things work best when I’m focused – intensely focused – on either one goal – or a fe […]

Compost Bin Made From Old Pallets

I recently built a compost bin from some old shipping pallets.  I thought you guys might like to see a few pictures of the bin – and read about how and why I built it. Up front, I will readily admit that I am brand new to composting.  That’s why the title of this post isn’t How To Build A Compost Bin From Old Pallets.  Consider my bin a test unit. That being said, I did base the design (such as i […]

Goals For 2011

It’s January 1st – a great day to announce goals for the new year.  Here are mine - 1.  I want remain free from consumer debt.  I am entering my fifth year of consumer debt freedom – and it still feels great! 2.  I want to purchase a new-to-us automobile for my wife.  We have a minivan, but the model we have is a bit small, especially for trips.  We’ll keep it, because it’s paid for, but work har […]

Thank You For A Great November

I want to thank my readers for visiting No Credit Needed during the month of November. Back when I started this site – way back in 2005 – I had no idea that I would connect with (and be inspired by) so many folks.  I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said again:  You rock! I also want to thank my fellow personal finance bloggers, many of whom send readers from their sites to mine.  Linking to […]