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Save Money On Lawn Care

When I was a kid, I never thought I would type the following sentence: I really enjoy yard work. Seriously.  I look forward to mowing the lawn, planting plants, raking leaves, and just spending time around the house, sprucing things up. I also like sharing money saving tips, and here are a few of mine, for saving money on lawn care.  These are things I actually do (or have done) to save money and […]

I Spend One Day Managing Finances And Then Enjoy The Month

My current system for managing our household finances is super-simple.  Here’s the entire process: Monthly Review On the last day of each month, I review that month’s budget, income, and expenses.  I make a note of any budget overages or shortfalls  I also balance our checkbook. Budget Creation After reviewing our budget, I use the awesome You Need A Budget software to create a zero-based budget […]

Debt Reduction Success Stories

Debt Reduction Success Stories: I recently asked my followers to share their debt reduction success stories.  Here are some of my favorites: @Elle_CM has a great article about How To Pay Off Car Loan over at CoupleMoney. @FCN from Five Cent Nickel did an awesome thing and paid off his mortgage – in less than 10 years!  That’s pretty cool. @CanadianFinance recently hit a major mil […]

Early Mortgage Payoff Update 1

Back in February my wife and I purchased our first home.  Our first payment was due April 1, and posted on April 10.    As of today, we have made 6 regular, scheduled monthly payments.  We have also made 4 additional payments – payments which are applied directly towards the mortgage principal. We have a conventional 15-year mortgage and we want to pay it off as soon as is possible.  Our mortgage […]

How To Deal When You Set A Goal But Come Up Short

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been blogging about debt reduction for more than 5 years.  In all that time, there are two dates that really stick out for me: The first date is a fun date to remember – February 6, 2006 – the day that I paid off all of my debt, was one of the most awesome days of my life. The second date is… not… so… fun… to remember – October 7, 2005 – the day I realized that I wo […]

Building My DIY Homemade Rain Barrel

I have just finished building and installing my very first homemade DIY rain barrel.  I’m super excited to have finished this project, which will provide for collection, storage, and supply of free water for my plants.  Here are the details: The Materials - 1 – 55 gallon plastic barrel (free) 1 – tube of silicon ($3) 1 – roll of plumber’s tape ($1) 1 – 3 inch piece of 3/4 inch galvanized pipe, t […]

Opened A New Checking Account

When we moved in February, the distance between our house and our bank doubled.  No longer desiring to drive almost forty minutes, just to deposit a check, I recently opened a new checking account at a small, locally-owned bank, just two minutes from our house. My wife an I now have four checking accounts – a free, no-frills personal account, at our old bank, a free, business-only account, at our […]

Use The Debt Reduction Mindset To Save For Future Purchases

Determined. Back when I was getting out of debt, I was the very definition of determined.  I worked hard, extremely hard, to stay on budget, earn extra money, and rapidly pay down my debts. Once I paid off my debts, I remained determined, and worked hard to fully-fund my emergency fund.  I also worked hard to fund retirement and education savings accounts.  I was motivated, pumped about the progr […]

I Mailed A Payment To The Wrong Business Address

Have you ever - lost your wallet? - forgotten to mail a payment? - misplaced an important financial document? - overdrawn your checking account? - spent more than you could afford to spend? - maxed-out a credit card? - made any number of finance-related mistakes? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the questions above – welcome, you are among friends. Just last month, I mailed a check, which I […]

Amended Our Tax Return

I did something today that I’ve never done before – I filed an amended tax return.  Back in March, I filed my taxes but didn’t claim the first-time homebuyer credit.  Armed with the proper paperwork, forms, and software, it took, literally, 10 minutes to amend the return. According to the IRS website, returns claiming the first-time homebuyer credit must be mailed, with correct documentation, and […]