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Rebuilding Cash Reserves

I have made a (temporary) change to the amount I contribute to my 403(b) retirement account.  After making a few major purchases, it’s time to rebuild our cash reserves. Our income has been down, just a bit, as compared to this time last year - and expenses have been up.  We now have three kids, and our youngest is still in diapers.  As a family, we are trying to eat at home more often, and we are […]

No Longer Focusing On Credit Cards

It’s been several days since I last posted an article here at No Credit Needed.  I could easily blame my life, which has been hectic and filled with much to do, but I won’t.  I could also blame writer’s block, but I don’t have it.  Instead, just like every other article I’ve ever written, I’m going to be honest.  I haven’t written an article because I can’t get over a self-created (is that a phras […]

The Best Explanation I Have Heard For How The Credit Crisis Happened

I love talk radio.  I love podcasts.  One of my favorite radio programs - which is also available as a podcast - is This American Life.  This past Sunday’s episode, entitled The Watchmen, provides the clearest explanation of the current credit crisis, what it is, and how regulators failed to regulate it, that I have heard.  I strongly recommend that you visit the This American Life site and stream […]

Dealing With Trial Periods

Let’s face it, we live busy lives.  I’m pretty sure that most companies are aware of this.  I’m also pretty sure that that’s why many companies entice customers with trial periods.  Think about it.  How many times have you signed up for a service because it was free for 3 months, with the real intention of canceling said service at the end of the trial period, only to forget to call and actually c […]

The Success Of The Kids’ Fun Fund

Our family recently returned from a week of vacation, and I’m proud to report that the Kids’ Fun Fund that I mentioned a few months ago worked just as I had hoped.  Throughout 2009, my kids have been doing little chores around the house, chores for which they can earn a little money.  A portion of this money gets deposited into the Kids’ Fun Fund - just a plastic square container decorated with th […]

Debt Reduction Game Plan

I love to watch football, especially my beloved Atlanta Falcons.  When I was a little kid, I played both running back and safety.  I really enjoyed being on offense, but I also learned the value of a good defense.  Throw in a little special teams unit, and you have yourself a complete team. Thinking about debt reduction, I was reminded of the importance of the “team” concept.  I think it’s importa […]

Frugal 51 Weeks A Year

I’m on vacation with my wife and our kids.  The weather is glorious - 85 degrees, sunny, slight breeze.  The beach is beautiful and the kids are really enjoying the pool. When I’m on vacation, I’m ON vacation.  I try not to check my email or worry about work.  Instead, I focus on hanging out with the kids and enjoying the week off.  The past few months - years really - I have been very, very busy. […]

The Day It Clicked

I had a very interesting conversation with a good friend yesterday.  We were talking about our finances (he reads No Credit Needed and I asked his permission to share a bit of our conversation with you guys) and he said - I think that the most important thing, no matter the system that you use for managing your money, is that you have to have a day where it just “clicks” - a day when you decide to […]

10 Things To Do Before Creating Your Next Budget

Before you create your next budget or monthly spending plan - 1.  Track your spending for one month. Use a spreadsheet, pen and paper, or online software, and track your spending for one month.  Track all payments - including those made by check, debit card, cash, (and credit card, if you choose to use one).  Remember to also include any payments that are automatically withdrawn from your checking […]

The NCN Podcast Is Back!

I sat down last night and recorded a new episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast. For those who are new to the podcast, or podcasting in general, a podcast is an Internet radio show.  The show is free, and you can download it to your computer, listen to it via iTunes, or listen to it directly from the NCN Podcast website.  If you own an iPod, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, and new ep […]