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No More No Credit Needed

Edit - At the request of my wonderful wife, I have decided to CONTINUE to post new articles here at No Credit Needed.  She insisted, especially after reading several of the kind emails and comments.  I have decided, however, to stop producing new content for several other sites, so that I can focus my attention here. Original Post - I have come to difficult decision.  I have decided to stop publi […]

How Can I Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate?

Call the company that issued your credit card and ask the CSR for a lower rate. Be civil Speak with authority If a lower rate is not offered, ask to speak to a supervisor. Ask the supervisor for a lower rate. Be civil Speak with authority Mention any plans that you might have of transferring your balance to another credit card company. Remind the supervisor that you would prefer to remain with […]

Great News - My Parents Are Debt Free!

I have some awesome news that I want to share with you  guys. My parents are debt free! I just got off the phone with my Dad, and he was so excited.  For more than two years, my Dad has been focused on paying off his mortgage.  Month after month, he made his regular payments, and then used every, extra available dollar to reduce his principal.  Today, he was able to walk into his credit union, han […]

Introducing The Money Tips Network

I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined 12 other personal finance writers to form the Money Tips Network.  I’m happy to be a member of this new network - made up of some of the most trusted writers in the personal finance blogging community. Here’s more information about the Money Tip Network and it’s members - Money Tips Network Members The mission of the Money Tips Network is to provide you with […]

A 10 Step Outline Of Our Financial Plan

From a recent email - I love your site!  (Thank you…)  I’ve been working on a basic plan for managing my finances.  Could you write a post about your current plan?  Or maybe a post about some of the things you’ve done to get where you are?  Thanks! I love it when I get questions like these.  It makes me happy to see that folks are taking control of their own finances.  Bravo!  So, here are the bas […]

2009 IRS Federal Income Tax Schedules - Tax Brackets

A few weeks ago, as I was searching the IRS website (for an unrelated publication), I stumbled across this PDF File, outlining the 2009 IRS Federal Income Tax Rate Schedules.  These rate schedules define various tax brackets.  It’s always good to have an idea of which tax bracket you are in, so that you can figure your effective tax rate.  Remember, your tax bracket and your effective tax rate are […]

Visa Debit Cards More Popular Than Visa Credit Cards

Are people falling in love with their debit cards? During the quarter ending December 31, 2008, people made $203 billion in purchases using their Visa credit cards.  During that same period, people made $206 billion in purchases using their Visa debit cards.  (You can read more by viewing Visa’s latest SEC Filing.  These figures are for U.S. […]

12 Months To A Fully-Funded Roth IRA

Are you a procrastinator?  Good news.  Even if you missed the first four months of 2009, and didn’t make a single contribution to your 2008 Roth IRA, you still have a full year to make contributions!  That’s right.  The contribution time-table runs from January 1, 2009 until April 15, 2010. For most folks, the annual contribution limit for a Roth IRA is $5000.  (See IRS Publication 590 for complet […]

The Negotiator

I hate face-to-face negotiations.  So, in the past, I’ve paid full price for items that I’m sure I could have gotten for less, simply because I don’t like asking for discounts.  Recently, however, I managed to to make two rather significant purchases, and I negotiated lower prices for both of them.  Here’s how. Purchase #1 - A new grass trimmer. I purchased a new grass trimmer from a large retail […]