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Working On My Taxes

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on my taxes.  Because my wife and I recently made our first new home purchase, we will be receiving the first-time homebuyer tax credit.  Instead of e-filing our return as we have for the past several years, the credit necessitates that we print out and mail in this years return.  From the IRS First-Time Homebuyer Credit website - […]

What Will It Take To Pay Off Our Mortgage Early?

In a few weeks, we will make our first mortgage payment.  Our mortgage is a fixed-rate 15 year mortgage.  Obviously, I’m not a fan of debt – and I’m going to work very, very hard to pay our mortgage off early.  Using a mortgage calculator I calculated the following the scenarios for paying the mortgage off early - 15 years and zero months = mortgage payment + $0 extra per month 1 […]

Quick Reminder And This Week’s Carnivals

I want to thank all of you for visiting No Credit Needed.  Once in a while, I like to encourage folks to subscribe to the site, via RSS or Email.  Once you do, you’ll have the very latest NCN content, delivered directly to your feed reader or email inbox, absolutely FREE.  Also, if you use Twitter, feel free to follow me and then say hello to me @NCN.  Now enough with the self-pr […]

The New House And New Goals For 2010

It’s been a full week and we are loving our new home.  We are still waiting for the new furniture for our living room to arrive, along with some bar stools for the kitchen, but other than those items, we are all settled.  (If you ever want to find out just how much stuff you have – move!  Whew.) Obviously, now that we have a house payment, our goals and plans for 2010 have change […]

We Are Buying A House!

I cannot tell you how excited my wife and I are.  This afternoon, we are closing on the purchase of our new house! For the past several years, we have lived in a house provided by my employer.  Recently, we decided that the time was right to buy a house of our own.  (Honestly, we have been looking for more than two years, but we really got serious about it this past fall.) Early […]


It’s interesting how time and a little perspective can teach us things. When I started this site, I had just one goal – I wanted to get out of debt. With that singular goal, managing my finances became pretty simple.  Not easy, but simple. An emergency fund was funded. A debt reduction plan was created. Payments and extra-payments were made. Debt was reduced – and eventually – I […]

Lawn Mower Maintenance

After two weeks of very cold weather (for us), the temperatures have returned to “normal”.  It’s in the mid-50’s and perfect weather for doing a little yard work. Back in April, I purchased a lawn mower.  I really, really like my lawn mower, and since it has mulching blades, I use it to mulch pine straw and leaves in the yard.  Unfortunately, when I opened my shed this morning, t […]

Reader Feedback Request – Alternative To New Couches

I have a few questions for you guys, my awesome readers.  First, a little information. My wife and I have a couple of couches.  Structurally, they’re both in great shape.  However, one of them has some damaged fabric on its arms, and the other has been faded by the sunshine.  We’d love to keep the couches – they’re both very comfortable – so there’s no real (non-cosmetic) reason […]

Principles Reinforced By Favorite Television Show – Holmes On Homes

I love Holmes on Homes.  If you haven’t seen the show, you really should check it out.  Originally produced for Canadian television, episodes now air on HGTV.  The show stars general contractor and renovation specialist Mike Holmes and his crew of workers. Holmes on Homes features families who have had unsatisfactory work done to their homes.  Mike and his crew come in, assess the situation – and […]