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Next Month Syndrome

There was a time when I was infected with a terrible condition – Next Month Syndrome When my credit card bill came in the mail, I would make a promise to myself - Next month, I’m going to do better. When I reached for my credit card to make ends meet, I would promise myself - Next month, I’m going to do better. When a friend would mention that he was living on a budget, I would promise myself - Ne […]

Keeping A Close Eye On Those Medical Bills

I recently had to have a kidney stone removed.  The hospital estimated the cost of the procedure, and offered me a 20% discount – if I paid my portion on the day of the procedure.  I paid the estimated amount and had the procedure. Today, I received the actual explanation of benefits from my insurance company.  I am happy to report that my portion of the cost of the procedure is several hundred do […]

What Works For Me – Budget Categories

There are dozens of budgeting products on the market.  I’m partial to the You Need A Budget system, but there are other great systems available.  Find a system that works with you, fine tune it to meet your needs, and then use your budget as a tool. After selecting a budgeting system, it’s important to create specific budget categories.  When I first started budgeting, I had way too many categorie […]

$4 And $10 Generic Prescriptions From Walmart, Kroger, and Target

Two weeks ago, I had a procedure to remove a kidney stone.  After the procedure, my doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.  I had my local pharmacist fill the prescription.  I am feeling much better and I am happy to be kidney stone-free. The antibiotic that I was prescribed is covered by our health care plan and was available at our local pharmacy for a discounted price.  While I mentio […]

What Works For Me – Debt Reduction Mindset

There are thousands of websites and hundreds of books about debt reduction and debt reduction techniques.  Personally, I’ve written several articles about my own debt reduction journey, a comprehensive guide covering how to get out of debt, and I’ve even created my own personal debt reduction method. Today, I thought it might be beneficial to look beyond the methods and techniques, and really thin […]

Twitter Finds And Friends

I am a big fan of Twitter.  It’s amazing how quickly information can flow, from tweet to tweet, and person to person. If you haven’t done so, feel free to follow my tweets, and say Hello. Today’s Twitter Finds And Friends - Finds - Do you like bean bag chairs?  Do you like personal finance forums?  Then, you’ll love Moolanomy’s current giveaway.  Register for the new Moolanomy Answers and you coul […]

Recent NCN Network Chart Updates

Here are the most recent chart updates from the No Credit Needed Network - DebtFree4ever marissa outofthered1 SavingInDebtOut SickNTiredEFund ChrystaGoingBroke DebtFreePostDeployment SockinItToDebt Snowflake Snowballer KeepMyMoney Jocelyn Time4Change Caryatid Canuck in Debt Click here to see a complete list of NCN Network members and their charts. Follow me via Twitter […]

How I Plan To Save Money Next Week - State Sales Tax Holiday

My oldest daughter is going into the fourth grade and my son is starting kindergarten.  They need school supplies!  Thankfully, Georgia’s 2009 Sales Tax Holiday begins next week.  I should be able to save a little money, buying school supplies and some clothing, sales tax free. Several states offer Sales Tax Holidays, including the state where we live, Georgia.  (Click here to visit the Georgia De […]

What Works For Me - Checking And Savings System

I have three checking accounts - a primary checking account at our local bank, a business checking account with the same bank, and an online interest-bearing checking account with ING Direct.  I also have an online savings account, also with ING Direct. Click here to read about how I use these four accounts to manage the flow of my money. Right Now - I’m pretty satisfied with my current setup.  My […]

The New Shed And The Playhouse

Way back in March of 2007, I started building a playhouse for my kids.  Two year later, the playhouse is (almost) complete.  (I actually completed most of the playhouse in just a few weeks, but I let the kids play in it for a while without installing sheet-rock.  This past March, my Dad came up, and he helped me finish out the inside.)  The playhouse still needs one more coat of paint and I have a […]