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Grace And The Wild Blackberries

They grow in the field behind our house. Wild. Free. Blackberries! My son and I just picked a small, bucket-full of fresh, wild blackberries. A harvest of delicious and nutritious bites of awesome. A small bowl of delicious, wild blackberries. Picking blackberries is pretty simple. Watch out for the thorns. Be careful not to squish each berry. […]

Mortgage Payoff Progress With Chart – April 2014

My family and I have lived in our current home for 4 years. We are working hard to payoff our 15-year, conventional mortgage. I keep track of our progress using a simple spreadsheet and pie chart.  This provides motivation to keep going, especially when we are tempted to feel frustrated with our progress. Here’s a chart with details for our current progress - The percentages above represent the a […]

Garden Planning

It’s almost Spring – which means it’s time for a bit of garden planning. This year, I’m keeping things very, very simple: I am going to plant vegetables that do well in our climate and are relatively easy to care for. I am going to use a single raised-bed for the garden.  In the past, I’ve started out with several beds – only to get frustrated with local deer, the lack of rain, and the lack of pro […]

How We Started Collecting Coins

My son and I have recently started collecting coins. Several months ago, my son received an Electronic Piggy Bank: Digital Counting Money Coin Jar with LCD Display as a gift.  After the jar was filled with pennies, he decided that he wanted to deposit his money in his savings account. As we were sorting through the coins, in preparation for our trip to the bank, I noticed a few “wheat-back” pennie […]

10 Ideas For What To Do With An Income Tax Refund

I have been working on my taxes and it looks like my wife and I will be getting an income tax refund this year.  That’s good news, because we are in the process of paying off our mortgage and every extra penny counts! A certain portion of our household income comes through self-employment, so judging withholding can be a bit tricky.  We tend to ere on the conservative-side and over-withhold – whic […]

Tools That Rock

I am an amateur wood-worker.  Right now, I am working on a few Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I thought I’d share a few of the tools that rock – and make wood-working fun. Last year, I purchased the PORTER-CABLE 20-volt Lithium Ion Impact Driver. Man, this is one awesome tool. It is powerful – and perfect for outdoor jobs. I used mine to build a deck for my shed. […]

How We Paid Off Our Credit Card Debt

Several years ago, my wife and I paid off our credit card debt.  Here’s how we did it - We changed our spending habits. We stopped using our credit cards and started using the envelope system. We started to have weekly budget meetings and created a zero-based budget. We reduced or eliminated non-essential monthly expenses. We created a debt reduction plan. We chose to follow the debt snowball, ill […]

What To Do With All That Change

We continue to use the envelope system to manage our cash.  We also have three kids, who get paid for some chores – so we always have change around our house. My son, in particular, likes to collect coins.  Right now, he’s into sorting pennies and saving a few in his coin collecting books.  Once he goes through a roll of pennies, he’ll keep the ones that he needs for his collection, and put the re […]

Getting Ready For 2014

It’s almost Christmas!  I cannot believe (he says, in old-man voice) just how quickly this year has flown by.  It’s almost 2014.  Wow. This year has been an interesting year for our family.  We continue to move forward with our financial plan – paying off mortgage and saving for the future – and we are excited for the next year. My wife and I have created a list of financial goals for 2014.  I’ll […]

Forgotten Budget Categories – Home Maintenance

When making a monthly budget, it is easy to forget certain budget categories. One of the most often overlooked and underfunded categories is Home Maintenance. It’s easy to understand.  None of us want to think about stuff breaking – especially in our home – so we tend to ignore this vital category. Over the years, we have employed two different techniques for including Home Maintenance in our mont […]