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Some Lessons from the ‘Homeless Billionaire’

Photo by Angélica Martínez Over the past several years, a number of media articles have popped up that discuss Nicolas Berggruen, a person known colloquially as “the homeless billionaire.” Why is he known that way? This article from the Wall Street Journal explains it: When I first met Nicolas Berggruen, I was struck by two things. […]

Tips for Finding Affordable Engagement Rings

You shouldn’t have to go into debt to show the world you love each other. Photo: Tela Chhe Choosing an engagement ring should be simple in theory. Pick out a ring, buy it, and propose to the love of your life (who will, ideally, say yes). […]

Student Guide to Car Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to drive your own set of wheels during college, now’s the time to do a little bit of homework on car insurance. […]

How to Find Luxury in a Financially Responsible Life

Allow yourself certain luxuries that you’ll use all the time — like a Le Creuset cast iron pot, if you like to cook — but not so many that they’re no longer special. Photo: lilszeto Being financially responsible in the modern world comes with a particular set of challenges. One of them is the fact that we are, as a society, inundated with luxury options. […]

EMV Credit Cards Are Coming: Here’s What You Should Know

Photo: Ben Watts Using a credit card is one of the safest and most convenient ways to pay for products and services. Not only do most credit purchases come with zero fraud liability, but using one can save you from carrying around an easily-stolen wad of cash and allow you to keep track of every cent you spend. But those benefits are about to be taken up a notch come Oct. 1. […]

Questions About Extreme Altruism, Upfront LED Costs, Scheduled Reading, Expensive Hobbies and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. 529s, savings, or mutual funds 2. Hospital indemnity plans 3. Discussing financial goals before marriage 4. Scheduling reading 5. Friendships and money 6. Extreme altruism 7. Store-to-store variance 8. Upfront cost of LEDs 9. […]

The Power of Not Caring What Anyone Thinks

Who cares what they think? Worry about your family and your own goals first, not what other people say. Just last month, I said yes to a speaking gig at a Chamber of Commerce meeting a few towns away. I said yes even though I am a true introvert, and even though I am terrified of speaking in front of others. […]

Robinhood Review: Free Is the New $7 Stock Trade

Did you ever think you could trade stocks for free? Before the dawn of the Internet, it might have cost $50 or $100 to trade a stock through a human broker over the phone. […]

What to Do With $1,000 Now? Figuring Out if Personal Finance Advice Makes Sense

Is ‘injectable dermal filler’ really a wise use of $1,000? Here are eight rules to help you discern good financial advice from the bad. Photo: Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston If you caught yesterday’s post, you know that my daughter recently had surgery and I’ve been spending time at the hospital with her. […]