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Six Ways to Squash Lifestyle Inflation

If you’re like many middle-class Americans, you’ve worked hard to get ahead and earn more money. And even if your progress is slow, you’re (hopefully) inching toward a salary you can be proud of. But, even if that’s the case, you may have a problem. Just because you’re earning more doesn’t mean you’re building wealth. […]

A Frugal Wedding Adventure, Part 2: The Planning Fallacy Strikes

In Part 1 of this frugal wedding mini-series, I talked about how my fiance and I are trying to spend just $2,500 on our wedding. Surprisingly, the actual spending aspect has not been an issue so far. We’re well on our way to achieving our goal. In Wisconsin, where we’re getting married, there are fantastic deals to be had. […]

Eight Key Strategies to Help Keep Overbooked Families from Overspending

This time of the year, our family always feels incredibly overbooked. Our three children are each in a couple of activities all throughout the year that are really easy to manage. Musical practice once a week paired with martial arts practice twice a week in the evenings isn’t a problem. I participate in a couple of community groups, as does Sarah. […]

How to Compare Banks and Credit Unions When Looking for a New Financial Home

Let’s say you’re moving to a new community and thus need a new home for your banking and checking services, or let’s say you’re in a situation where you’ve lost faith in your current bank and wish to move to a new financial institution. You need a new bank for your primary checking account and savings account. If you’re in a city of any size at all, you’re probably flooded with banking options. […]

Is Pinterest the Enemy of Your Finances?

Earlier this year, my husband and I ordered a wooden shed for our yard. This decision took more than a year to make, mostly because we were hesitant to spend the money. A convergence of events led us to pull the trigger. We had to take a few trees down for starters, so we lost some privacy (but gained a perfect spot for the shed). […]

The Simple Secret to Sustained Financial and Professional Success

Over the last several years, I’ve paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and went from the precipice of bankruptcy to a path toward financial independence. I went from a career that depressed me to a completely different career that fulfills me. I did all this while undergoing major changes and challenges in my personal life at the same time. How? There is a secret to it. […]

Six Money Lessons I Learned From My Kids

While my husband and I have always worked hard, we didn’t really care about money until our late 20s. We felt the money we earned was there to spend, so we happily spent our paychecks and then some. And it never bothered us to make minimum payments on student loans, car loans, or credit card debt, either. But then it happened: We got pregnant with our first child. […]

A Guide to Rucking, My Favorite Low-Cost Exercise Activity

Over the last few years, I’ve become more and more interested in improving my physical fitness. The reasons are simple. I want to live longer. I want to be able to participate in more active things with my children as they grow older, helping them to practice their sports and other activities without passing out in a heap. […]

A New Credit Score Is Coming: What You Need to Know About VantageScore 4.0

A new credit score will be finding its way to a credit bureau near you very soon. VantageScore Solutions, a joint venture of the three credit reporting agencies (CRAs), announced that the fourth generation of its credit scoring software will be released in the fall of 2017. […]