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The Basics of a Roth IRA

Megan writes in: “What exactly is a Roth IRA? I understand that it’s a way to save for retirement but the Wikipedia entry is basically gobbledygook to me. […]

Every Time I’ve Hired Someone, Three Things Have Always Separated the Good from the Bad

Over the course of my life, I’ve been involved with quite a few interviews and hiring decisions. At my previous job, I was involved with many interviews of professional coworkers and even on interview committees to hire people who would eventually be above me in rank. Since leaving there, I’ve interviewed several people for potential assistant positions, particularly when management aspects of The […]

The Ordinary and the Special

A few days ago, I went to a local coffee shop. I hadn’t been to one in months. I ordered a beverage and a small pastry and sat down at a back table with a copy of a local newspaper to wait on a friend, who joined me a few minutes later. I remember the aroma of the place. I remember the smile on my friend’s face when we first spotted each other. I remember the conversation. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #141

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Bill Watterson’s life advice Although I shared a short part of this on Wednesday in the weekly roundup, I wanted to share the whole thing with you. […]

A Little Bit of History Repeating

Few things make me sadder than witnessing children repeating the same mistakes as their parents, or younger siblings repeating the same mistakes as their older siblings, or professionals repeating the same mistakes as their mentors. I’ve seen it countless times. People make mistakes in life. We’re human. […]

What I See When I Look at Our Finances

When I look at our financial accounts, I don’t just see dollars and cents. Whenever I look at our checking account, I see Sarah sleeping peacefully without a financial worry in the world. She’s not worried about paying the bills or making the property taxes. […]

Letting Unnecessary Tasks Get in the Way of Your Goal

Having a checklist of things to do each day really keeps me organized and focused on my goals, but it doesn’t solve all my problems. […]

Reader Mailbag: A Moment Is All It Takes

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Homeowner’s insurance troubles 2. Self-improvement blues 3. High income personal finance advice 4. Starting a small business 5. Prioritizing goals 6. Antiques Roadshow? 7. Trimming down stuff 8. […]

How to Frugally Ship Packages

As many of you know, I actively trade (and sometimes sell) quite a few things thanks to the internet, which means over the course of the past several years, I’ve become intimately familiar with how the different package shipment services work. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Bill Watterson Edition

You will find your own ethical dilemmas in all parts of your lives, both personal and professional. We all have different desires and needs, but if we don’t discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled. Sooner or later, we are all asked to compromise ourselves and the things we care about. We define ourselves by our actions. […]