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Borrow Stuff You’ll Only Use Once or Twice (108/365)

Last year, one of our younger neighbors was having some difficulty with her bicycle. She got on it, rode for a little bit, and would hop off, telling everyone around that there was something wrong with her bike. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Strange and Beautiful Day Edition

Every once in a while, you have a day that’s so filled with strange and unusual events that you find yourself just shaking your head as you go to bed, wondering how a day that started so normally could have gone down such a bizarre path. That was my Monday. […]

Trim Your Magazine Subscriptions (107/365)

I enjoy reading magazines. A well-written magazine article is a perfect way to learn something new about the world in a relatively quick fashion. […]

The AT&T/Verizon Duopoly (Infographic)

My name is Nicole and I’m a new guest contributor to The Simple Dollar. I’m excited to begin providing an additional resource for the blog’s readers with a fun and informative weekly consumer-related infographic. […]

Little Whispers: Making Yourself Do It

Most mornings, I go on an hour-long walk/jog for exercise purposes. The goal is to get me breathing heavy for an extended period of time, which I can usually achieve with periods of jogging/running mixed with periods of walking. The biggest challenge for me isn’t the hour spent outside running around. […]

Avoid Printed Documents (106/365)

For us, one of the biggest sources of clutter is printed documents. While we make an effort to keep our important printed documents filed, the sheer volume of mail and other printed documents we’ve received in the mail can be overwhelming at times. Obviously, the first step in this process is to have a good system for keeping documents filed. […]

Reader Mailbag: Mowing

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Dried versus fresh produce 2. Gencon 3. Emergency fund planning 4. Figuring out primary focus 5. Baseball on the cheap 6. Spending excess savings 7. Major lifestyle change 8. Boys or girls night out 9. […]

Don’t Replace Clutter with More Clutter (105/365)

The first time Sarah and I did a big de-cluttering of our home, we were kind of stunned with how empty our home felt. We had become accustomed to a certain level of clutter, and without the clutter, our living quarters felt relatively empty. A few weeks later, we found ourselves at a furniture store where a friend was looking for a few items. […]

If I Had It To Do All Over Again, Would I Do Anything Different?

Jennifer sent me a great email recently that included this question: Your effort in getting out of debt has been a great inspiration to me and I know it must feel great to have finally freed yourself from the shackles of debt. […]

Put a “Sell By” Date on It (104/365)

As you go through the de-cluttering process, you’re going to find things that you’re simply unsure about. Should you keep it? Should you get rid of it? It’s not something essential… but you can certainly see yourself using it again. What should you do with it? Quite often, people end up putting items like this right back where they found them. […]