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10 College Degrees That Could Pay Off in 2015

Majoring in marketing or computer science could improve your job prospects after graduation. Photo: Mer Chau Recent news about the rising costs of college has been nothing short of dark and dreary. […]

29 Affordable DIY Projects That Take Less Than a Week

A splash of color can transform a room quickly and on the cheap. Photo: Jodimichelle Time is limited, funds are tight, but you desperately want to make over a few elements of your humble abode’s exterior and interior. […]

Our Family’s Eight Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes

Two to three nights a week, our family has a dinner that’s served directly out of a slow cooker. It’s something that either Sarah or I assembled in the morning before the daily rush began and it’s ready to eat when our family is gathered for dinner. This has a bunch of advantages. One, it enables us to take advantage of whatever evening time sliver finds us all together in the dining room. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Kid’s Clothes

Buy quality, gently worn clothes at yard sales, and resell them once your child outgrows them. Photo: Sierra Tierra In 2009, I had my first child, a girl I named Lydia Rose. She was beautiful and dainty just like a baby doll, and I loved dressing her up in cute little outfits and taking all kinds of pictures. Unfortunately, those first few years turned out to be expensive. […]

Student Loan Forgiveness: Jobs That Pay Off Your Debt

It sounds too good to be true, but teachers, nurses, and others can get a portion of their student loans erased. Dealing with student loan debt can seem unbearable and overwhelming. […]

What Can YOU Control?

The events of our lives are made up of a mixture of elements that are out of our control and elements that we have control over. […]

Why Facebook and Twitter May Not Be Overvalued

Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie was retweeted over 2 million times, and Twitter didn’t pay a cent for the exposure. Photo: TheEllenShow It’s easy to write off social media stocks and their ludicrous valuations. Take Facebook (FB), which reports third-quarter earnings Tuesday. The stock is already up 42% in 2014, and 267% over the past two years. […]

How to Prepare Your Finances for a New Baby

Your new bundle of joy will come with a bundle of new expenses, too. Photo: Frank de Kleine I was once told there’s never a right time to have a child, and you can never prepare enough once they’re on the way. After seven years of parenting, I definitely agree with the first part of the statement. As for the second half? […]

Some Thoughts on Following Passion

A few weeks ago, Mike Rowe (perhaps best known as the host of the Discovery Channel television series Dirty Jobs) posted an interesting essay on the subject of following your passion. […]

17 Strategies to Survive Working From Home With Children

Younger kids can be a handful when you’re trying to get things done. Photo: Rob Briscoe If you’ve ever thought working from home with small children beats driving to the office each day, you may be sadly mistaken. My children are definitely the apple of my eye, but they can be a handful anytime I sit down to complete an important task. […]