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The Most Important Investment Decision You’ll Ever Make

There are a lot of investment decisions you could spend time worrying about, but there’s only one that really matters: How much you save is more important than any other part of your investment plan. It’s more important than the type of investment account you use. It’s more important than the specific investments you choose. […]

Six Basic Personal Finance Facts People Should Know (but Constantly Get Wrong)

I get a pretty healthy number of questions from readers each week (usually by my personal Facebook page), many of which find their way into the weekly “reader mailbag” article. While most of the questions are pretty interesting, I do find a lot of patterns in the questions that people ask me. […]

It’s Not ‘Early Retirement,’ It’s ‘Walk Away Money’

Marjorie writes in: Why would you and Sarah want to retire in your 40s? You seem like a very productive person. I can’t believe you would want to retire that young. This is an interesting question. […]

Money and Being an Introvert

A few days ago, I was leafing through my journal for 2015 and thinking about some of the best things that I did during the year. It was easy to identify some of the great moments. I fondly remember our family camping trip to Wisconsin. I will never forget how ecstatic I was to watch my daughter finally recovering from her illnesses and surgery in the fall, a process that took months. […]

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

Social Security disability benefits serve as a stopgap to provide for your family when an injury, illness, or disability prevents you from working and earning an income. […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events… or Fortunate Ones

This is kind of a “Personal Finance 101″ article in response to some things I’ve read on social media in the last few days. If you’ve ever had anyone ask you “why save?”… well, here’s my answer to that. Our lives are a mix of fortunate and unfortunate events. Sometimes things go well. Really well. And sometimes things go poorly. […]

Balancing Frugality and Free Time

For Christmas, my family received an electric homemade ice cream maker, an item that was received with great joy by my children. […]

Double-Header Dinner Ideas: Three Easy Recipes for Back-to-Back Nights

Food spending is a big but often malleable part of the average American budget, which means it can be an easy place to look for savings. And two of the simplest, most effective ways to spend less money on food are to a) cook at home and b) waste less food. And that means actually eating your leftovers instead of letting them languish in the back of the fridge until trash day. […]

Questions About Grad School, Bottled Water, Roth Conversions, Books and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five-word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Planning ahead for second home 2. Going back to grad school 3. Waiting on a Roth conversion 4. Electronic price book help 5. Problems with untrustworthy tax preparer 6. Depressed by long payoff time 7. Poor career choices 8. […]

For-Profit Colleges Aren’t Worth the Price

As someone who keeps a close eye on trends within higher education and writes about them often, I was saddened but not surprised to hear that Dade Medical College of Florida had closed its doors. […]