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Plan Your Day the Smart Way to Minimize Spending

Could your life benefit from a little more structure? Taking a few minutes to plan your day each morning can help you root out inefficiency, saving you time – and quite a bit of money, too. Photo: Devin Stein It’s a pretty simple routine. Almost every morning these days, I spend about 10 minutes planning out the specifics of my day. […]

What Can I Do If My Credit Card Application is Denied?

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card and been denied, you’re probably wondering whether you did something wrong. Let’s face it – rejection hurts, even if it wasn’t a personal decision. Still, it makes little sense to wallow in embarrassment when you could learn from the situation instead. Chances are, your application was denied for good reason. […]

Some Thoughts on Privileges and Advantages

Whether the deck is stacked against you or in your favor, there are choices you make every day that can ultimately determine your success in life. Blaming mistakes or poor choices on your disadvantages won’t do any good. […]

Can You Get a Free Business Checking Account?

If your business involves a lot of cash sales, you’ll probably need a brick-and-mortar bank to make deposits. […]

Questions About Homemade Pasta, Birthday Parties, Online Banking, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Checking account “buffer” 2. Choosing between many housing options 3. Cheap boy’s birthday ideas 4. Optimizing the “retire early” point 5. Chance to start over 6. Loan forgiveness questions 7. […]

10 Hot Jobs That Simply Cannot Be Shipped Overseas

Over the last decade, two huge issues — rising student loan debt and the lack of entry-level jobs – have been on a collision course. […]

A Guide to Extreme Food Budgeting

When you need to stretch a meager food budget, keep an eye out for community dinners at churches and other organizations.  Photo: Richard Masoner Jeremy writes in: In my current job, I bring in about $780 per biweekly paycheck. I get paid 26 times a year. […]

The Daniel Norris Code for Success

Photo: Daniel Norris via Twitter “Research the things you love. Gain knowledge. It’s valuable.” – Daniel Norris What would you do if you were suddenly given $2 million? You’d pay your taxes, of course. You’d probably pay off any debts that you had. You might buy a nice home to live in and refresh your vehicles. You might sock some away for your children’s education and maybe some for retirement. […]

How to Make Money Dog Sitting With Rover

If you enjoy taking care of animals, you could easily earn an extra few hundred dollars each month dog sitting through […]

What Is a CPN, or Credit Privacy Number?

Photo: morebyless A credit privacy number, or CPN, is supposedly a nine-digit identifying number that you can use instead of your Social Security number, or SSN, to protect your privacy on credit documents. Sometimes CPNs are referred to as secondary credit numbers, or SCN numbers. Others may call them credit profile numbers. Whatever they’re called, officials say CPNs are bad news. […]