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The Decision Spiral

Most of us are pretty familiar with the concept of a downward spiral of decisions. When we make a bad choice, it puts us in a slightly weaker spot, where our options aren’t as good as they once were. Here’s a good example: you choose to spend $100 on an expensive meal for yourself and an old friend that you don’t see very often. […]

Finding Happiness for Free

For a couple of weeks, jot down what you’re doing every half hour or so, and how you feel at the time. Then look for patterns to find what truly makes you happy. You might discover some incredibly inexpensive ways to add more joy to your life. […]

Will Mortgage Rates Go Up if the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

Conventional wisdom holds that when the Federal Reserve starts to ratchet up interest rates, maybe as early as September, mortgage rates will follow suit. But is that true? By Peter Miller There’s a widespread view that if the Fed ultimately raises interest levels then mortgage rates will also rise. […]

15 Simple Money-Saving Strategies for Storing and Preparing Food at Home

Try buying dry goods — such as beans, oatmeal, and rice — in bulk, and reuse jars to store them. Photo: Tammy Strobel Food. It’s a human need. We all need food to survive. However, at the same time, it’s an expense. […]

Money Management 101: Why You Should Track Your Spending

Are you literally eating through your income? Nearly half of Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck cite dining and entertainment as the root of their financial problems. Track your spending to face your financial demons once and for all. Photo: Eka Shoniya Do you ever wonder why you run out of money by the end of the month? Do you earn plenty but still live paycheck to paycheck? […]

The Problem with ‘Living for Today’ With Your Money

On any given day, you could end up on the wrong end of a moving school bus. So why not live for today and spend your money freely? Photo: b3d_ Yesterday, I was up on top of my garage roof removing some of the cables from our winter decorations. […]

The High Price of Free Games

‘Freemium’ games — addicting apps that start out free but entice you to make small, ongoing purchases — aren’t just targeted at kids. Photo: Lars Plougmann Last Christmas, I got my six-year old daughter a Kindle Fire for Christmas. […]

Walking, Bicycling, Driving, and Cost-Effectiveness

Leaving the car at home and using a bike for local errands can of course save you money. Can it save time, too? Photo: Rob Recently, it was announced that a grocery store is opening within two miles of my home. This is actually pretty good news for me as, prior to that announcement, the only grocery store anywhere nearby was more than 10 miles away. […]

Pay for Your Honeymoon With Credit Card Rewards

Taking advantage of lucrative credit card sign-up bonuses and putting some of your wedding expenses on those rewards cards can help you earn travel rewards for a dream honeymoon. Photo: Westin Dawn Beach via Facebook More and more newlyweds are putting off their honeymoons. […]

Questions About Lawnmowers, Banking Privacy, Self-Learning, Ice, Summer Reading and More!

Looking for a reliable lawn mower you can buy for life? Consumer Reports has a recommendation. Photo: Sean Hobson What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Children as insurance policy? 2. Exercise outside the gym 3. Installing solar panels? 4. […]