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Questions About Ben Franklin, Freezer Containers, Hot Pockets, Taxes, Country Clubs and More!

Photo: National Parks Service What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five-word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Medical expenses and taxes 2. Reusable freezer containers 3. Ben Franklin and frugality 4. Cheap balanced diet 5. Starting a community club 6. Fear of failure 7. […]

Not Investing Yet? Here’s How to Get Started

Everyone knows that saving for retirement is important. Unfortunately, far too many of us aren’t saving nearly as much as we should. But why? […]

The Click: Fostering the Moment When You’re Truly Ready for Financial Change

Photo: Ken Teegardin It was a beautiful spring day in April 2006 when I finally realized that I was ready to make some financial changes in my life. […]

‘Money Cannot Buy What Time Delivers’

As we get older, we often try to use money as a substitute for what we lack in time — but dollars are no match for days. Photo: Nick Page Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to read a wonderful article from Kevin Kelly entitled More Time, More Money. Here’s the idea behind the post: I’ve traveled extensively for 40 years. In almost every style there is. […]

11 Fun Things to Do That Actually Earn Money

Do you enjoy photography? Why not try selling your photos? Photo: Hernan Pinera A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article entitled “40 Free (or Extremely Low-Cost) Things I Genuinely Enjoy Doing – and You Might, Too!” I received several pieces of feedback on the article, mostly positive, but one in particular stuck out at me. […]

A Retirement Tax Trick You May Not Know About

Whether it’s a gift to your local church or a nonprofit environmental group, setting up a charitable remainder trust can help lower your tax bill in retirement. Photo: Steven Depolo In my recent post I highlighted the looming problem that taxes will create for many investors when they retire due to the bulk of retirement assets being held in tax-deferred accounts. […]

Personal Finance 101: What the HELOC Is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Many homeowners use a home equity line of credit to finance big remodeling projects, like installing a new bathroom — but you’re not required to use the funds on your house. Photo: Cheryl Marland Need access to a lot of cash at an interest rate much lower than credit cards? Do you still want the flexibility to take only as much as you need, when you need it? […]

How Making Meals in Advance Saves Time and Money: Make-Ahead Lasagna

Earlier this week, I spent about an hour preparing four pans of lasagna at the same time, with the intent of eating one pan as a family dinner and freezing the other three for future use. I’ve often talked about making meals in advance and how it saves both time and money, so I thought it was time to show you a real-world example of how I did this. […]