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Sixteen Tricks for Maximizing a Small Home or Apartment

When Sarah and I were first married in 2003, we moved into a pretty small apartment. According to what I could find online about it, it measured in at about 550 square feet. We viewed it as a temporary solution. It was okay for just the two of us, but we wanted a family and an apartment like that wasn’t going to work with children. Or so we thought. In 2005, our first child arrived. […]

When You Blame Them, You’re Just Making Excuses

Them. It’s easy to blame them. If it wasn’t for them, I would have a good job. I would have a publishing contract. I would have more money. […]

How to Ask for Truly Useful Career Advice (and Other Kinds of Advice, Too)

During my long and winding career path, I’ve been stuck at many difficult points, uncertain as to what to do next. In those times, I’ve relied on the advice of others to help guide me down the right path. Most of the time, choosing to accept the advice of others has turned out well. […]

The Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If your credit is less than perfect, you’ll have a more difficult time obtaining and using a credit card. The flip side is that responsible use of a credit card is a fantastic way to rebuild your credit score. Even with bad credit, you have some great options to start rebuilding your financial future. […]

A Brief List of National Parks and Forests I Will Be Visiting Later This Summer

Shawnee National Forest. Daniel Boone National Forest. Cherokee National Forest. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Pisgah National Forest. Sumter National Forest. Osceola National Forest. Ocala National Forest. Possibly more. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this. […]

Maintaining Professional Bridges

Unexpected twists and turns happen all of the time in our professional lives. A child is born, causing a parent to start staying at home. A side business takes off. A spectacular job offer appears out of the blue. A severe illness occurs. A person is burnt out on their current career and needs a change. […]

Take Back Toe (and Links)

Over the last several days, I’ve had a ton of fun playing Take Back Toe, a simple game that just requires forty markers (you can use anything) and a six sided die. It’s a free game – here are the rules. It takes about fifteen minutes to play and the rules are extremely simple, but while you’re playing, you find that the decisions are actually really tricky. […]

5 Soda Alternatives That Can Save You Money

This article first appeared at US News and World Report Money. Drinking soda (or pop or coke, depending on the region of the United States you reside in) can add up surprisingly quickly, particularly if you have several children. […]

How Much Time Do You Invest in Your Job?

When I first started The Simple Dollar, I was employed full time in a research environment. My job mostly involved handling and sharing significant quantities of data – I did a bit of data mining and a lot of software development, among other things. One of the first big realizations I made during the process of figuring out my finances was that my “true” hourly wage was actually pretty awful. […]

Eight Great Free (Or Nearly Free) Summer-Long Projects for Children

Last summer, my two oldest children embarked on a summer-long project that they ended up taking a ton of pride in. In fact, we expanded that summer project and are repeating it again this summer to their great enthusiasm. (What project was it? It’s the first one on this list.) We learned a few lessons from the project, though. Kids won’t latch onto any project you suggest. […]