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Nine Strategies to Earn More Money in the Coming Year

I’ve always thought that all of the key parts of personal finance were bound up in the single phrase, “Spend less than you earn.” In those simple five words, one can find all of the key ideas of personal finance. There’s a call to spend less money by cutting back on one’s expenses, particularly the less necessary ones. […]

No, You Don’t Have to Fly to Earn Airline Miles

Think you need to fly to earn airline miles? Think again. Consumer Reports notes that nearly 100 million consumers belonged to a frequent flyer program in early 2015, yet not all of them earned miles simply by flying. […]

Questions About Financial Independence, Living Out of a Car, Grocery Delivery, Homebrewing and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five-word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Financial protection against parents 2. Wedding observations and insurance question 3. Loaning money to friends 4. Is financial independence selfish? 5. High interest account offer 6. Job misery 7. Homebrewing question 8. […]

The Working-Class Reality of Your Superstar Dreams

Whenever I’d meet new people during my three-year tenure as a professional basketball player in Israel, they’d be skeptical. They’d look me up and down with a furrowed brow, as if I was playing a trick on them. It’s like I owed them something if I was going to say the words “pro athlete.” I should have been wearing really nice clothes or had a fancy watch. […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Ways to Hack the 52-Week Money Challenge

New Year’s is nearly upon us, and with it the chance to start fresh and make some changes in our lives. The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or get in shape, but many of us will devote 2016 to saving more money (or spending less of it). Whatever your resolution, getting and staying motivated is critical to achieving it. […]

Should You Co-Sign a Credit Card for a Family Member or Friend?

No matter who you are, chances are good someone has asked you for a financial favor at some point. Maybe it was a small loan to cover the costs of moving, an advance on birthday or holiday gift money, or a free place to stay for few days or months. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Done in the Coming Year

Over the last few months, I’ve been planning out a major professional, creative, and somewhat personal project that I’m going to take on in 2016. […]

Six Money-Saving Strategies for Taking Advantage of the Holiday Aftermath

The gifts are unwrapped. The meals have been eaten. The family and friends have gone home. You’re left with a stack of gifts and a refrigerator full of leftovers. What now? Believe it or not, the aftermath of the holiday season is a great time for saving money. […]

The Real Gift of the Holidays

Tomorrow, a lot of people all around the world will be celebrating Christmas. Many other people celebrate other holidays around this time of the year depending on their own cultural and religious traditions. One big thing that all of those celebrations have in common is that they’re usually centered – in theory – around family and friends. […]

The Danger of the Word ‘Deserve’

I deserve to go out and have a nice dinner. Deserve. It’s a word that implies a pretty high opinion of oneself. […]