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The ‘Buy It for Life’ Compendium

Over the last several months, I’ve answered a big handful of “buy it for life” questions in the reader mailbag. […]

The Simple Dollar Coupon Finder

How It Works Bookmark this page so you can browse through hundreds of coupons daily! Find what you like and just click, print, and save. Coupons powered by The post The Simple Dollar Coupon Finder appeared first on The Simple Dollar. […]

Finding Your Financial Blind Spots – and Eliminating Them

About a year ago, I spent a rainy afternoon going through my credit card and bank statements and categorizing the expenses. […]

Financial Responsibility, Joy, and Pleasure

There’s a difference between pleasure and joy. Appreciating what you have, dealing with negative emotions, and focusing only on what you can control can help you be more joyful — and more successful financially.  Photo: Guian Bolisay Kelly wrote in with an interesting message via Facebook: I’ve been reading your articles and trying to follow your advice. […]

10 Smart Graduation Gifts for College-Bound Seniors

Need a graduation gift for a high-school senior who’s headed to college? You can’t go wrong with school-branded gear like hats and sweatshirts for their freshman year. […]

Millionaires as Middle Class?

For most Americans — even millionaires — ‘rich’ is a relative term, and there’s always someone wealthier.  Recently, I came across a great article at CNBC entitled “Most millionaires say they’re middle class.” The article describes a recent survey that paints an interesting picture of people who have accumulated a lot of wealth: A majority of millionaires polled describe themselves as middle class […]

Can Alternative Credit Scoring Help You Get a Mortgage?

Millions of Americans pay their utility bills on time, month after month, but still have no credit history to show for it. Photo: StockMonkeys By Peter Miller Lenders have an ongoing problem: No matter how many loans they create, they want to make even more. […]

The Best Kohls Coupons and Deals

Photo: Mike Mozart Finding high-quality items for affordable prices is a never-ending pursuit that can often fuel frustration. How do you know you’re getting the best price at the best time when deals keep changing? When it comes to shopping at Kohl’s, getting a bargain is almost guaranteed — you should rarely, if ever, have to pay full price. […]

The True Cost of Student Loans

Choose an expensive college or borrow more than you need, and you might still be writing student loan checks when you’re 50. When you’re 18 years old and preparing to leave the nest, it’s easy to think you’ve got it all figured out. You’re ready for college, and you know that a college degree is a good investment in your future. […]

What Is a Good Credit Score?

What is a good credit score, and why is this three-digit number so important? Can it really affect your everyday life, and what kind of control do you have over it? In this guide, I’ll tackle all of these questions. […]