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10 Ways to Grow Grass and Cut Lawn Care Costs

If you grow it, you have to mow it. There’s no doubt that growing grass and maintaining your lawn can be costly. […]

How To Compost Without Raising a Stink

This shouldn’t be a stinky subject. When done right, your compost bin or compost pile should not smell. […]

How To Buy a Used Car (without sipping lemonade)

I’ve never really loved cars. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I get little joy from spending big bucks on automobiles. But two short months ago when Carl’s 2005 Subaru Impreza got smucked by a flying truck wheel I was happy to have walked away from the car accident mostly unscathed. […]

Welcome Globe and Mail Readers!

I would love to welcome all Globe and Mail readers to Squawkfox, a blog that makes frugal living fun. My name is Kerry Taylor, I’m the blogger here and the author of 397 Ways To Save Money - Spend Smarter and Live Well on Less. Go ahead and download a free excerpt of my Amazon.ca Top 100 book! A huge thank you to columnist Leah McLaren for mentioning Squawkfox in today’s column. […]

Amazon Top 100 and Free Book Excerpt!

My editor called yesterday and nearly gave me a heart attack. My book 397 Ways To Save Money cracked the Amazon.ca Top 100 Bestseller List placing at #93 overall. I was also the #3 top selling personal finance book in Canada. (thud) I’m still a little numb and slightly confused over making this list. […]

397 Ways To Save Money by Kerry K. Taylor

It’s here! My book has finally launched and landed! I’m so excited to be holding a copy of 397 Ways To Save Money in my hands. […]

DIY: 3 Attic Insulation Methods to Seal in Savings

It’s a dirty, dark, and dingy job, but it’s also the easiest and cheapest way to save mega money on your energy bills. Adding insulation to your attic and making the attic hatch airtight with weather stripping can reduce your year round energy use from 20 to 60 percent, saving you hundreds a year. […]

Interview on CBC Radio’s The Point

Be still my squawking heart. I’ll be doing an interview for The Point with Aamer Haleem on CBC Radio 1 on Tuesday, May 26 at 2pm your local time. CBC’s The Point is a provocative and entertaining series of conversations featuring guests who bring personal experience and opinions on a variety of topics. […]

Granola Recipe: Easy and Healthy Granola Bars or No Bake Cookies

I have a thing for granola. No, I’m not a trippy hippie. But I do love the healthy simplicity of a delicious granola bar while outside on a hike or as an afternoon snack at work. The problem with most granola bar brands though is they’re laden with fat and unpronounceable ingredients - especially those fatty Nature Valley Granola Bars. […]

41 Bloggers Share Their Best Money Advice

Over the last few months I’ve dearly missed sharing with you the best personal finance articles the blogosphere has to offer. Because I’ve been busy writing a book, I haven’t taken the opportunity to showcase the exceptional writings of my fellow money bloggers and give kudos where due. […]