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12 Organic or Pesticide-Free Foods Worth Buying (maybe)

Organic and pesticide-free foods are not cheap. They can cost double the price of conventionally grown foods and can make you wonder if paying the price for fewer pesticides or better farming practices is worth it. It’s hard to ignore the increased availability of organic food on the grocery shelves these days. […]

Book Winners, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and Votes Oh My!

My first attempt at a book giveaway mostly blew me away. My initial goal was to see if anyone wanted to win my book, 397 Ways To Save Money, and the answer was a resounding YES. Since over ONE HUNDRED readers entered this contest I’d have to assume it’s because you all love free s$it or you just really want my book. […]

Best of the Money Blogs 2009: Vote for Squawkfox!

The annual Globe and Mail Best of the Money Blogs Poll has landed and this year (pinch me please) Squawkfox has been nominated! Thud. […]

8 Stealth Ways to Uncover Big Savings with Secret Online Coupons

Paying full price for anything kind of sucks, especially when a better deal is just a click away. A few years ago I developed some stealth shopping strategies for finding deep discounts on everyday items like groceries, books, electronics, and clothing. […]

DIY: Getting Dirty with Square Foot Gardening

Want to know a dirty little secret? It’s kind of filthy, promise. I’ve been busy building raised garden beds and giving a green thumbs up to square foot gardening. […]

Win My Book! 397 Ways To Save Money

I’m doing something a little bit different today. OK, I do things differently most days. But today is special because I want you to win my book 397 Ways To Save Money. I’ve got a couple of copies sitting on my kitchen table and I think they need a better home. There’s a catch though, you have to earn it. […]

Printable Travel Checklist and Packing List

It’s that time of year when individuals and families plan for travel, holidays, and vacation. Whether you’re planning to get away for a romantic weekend with your partner or take the kids on a family vacation, chances are you’ll need to pack for your trip. Packing for a trip can be a pain, especially when you’re on the plane in a panic because you’ve forgotten something important. […]

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas (and a story)

Growing up my sister and I called our father “Dard”. The nickname was fondly given after my sister read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, where a family of four sisters called their mother “Marmee”. […]

10 Ways to Grow Grass and Cut Lawn Care Costs

If you grow it, you have to mow it. There’s no doubt that growing grass and maintaining your lawn can be costly. […]

How To Compost Without Raising a Stink

This shouldn’t be a stinky subject. When done right, your compost bin or compost pile should not smell. […]