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5 Ways To Be Prepared for Costly Natural Disasters

It pays to be prepared. I first learned about the Be Prepared motto way back when I was a Girl Guide playing with basic survival techniques and understanding the dangers in nature. […]

Savings Calculator: When Will You Be A Millionaire?

Ever wondered how much money you need to save every month to become a millionaire? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of reaching a savings goal in a matter of years? I know I sure have. To help you count the days before you’re a mega millionaire, I’ve put together the Savings Calculator to get you reaching your money goals sooner. […]

July Roundup: The Buck Stops Here Edition

It’s been a crazy month here on the frugal farm and for once “the crazy” isn’t all my doing. Over the month we’ve flown some kites, potted peas, avoided a mortgage meltdown, reduced credit card debt, and hacked a Swiffer. OK, hacking the Swiffer was all my doing. But Carl built the garbage bag kites and used his programming prowess for the Credit Card Calculator. […]

6 Cheap Ways To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Some like it hot. Some like it as cold as ice. But if you’re living without air conditioning and stuck sweating it out in a hot house or trying to get some sleep in a sweltering apartment, then chances are you’re feeling a little too hot to handle these days. Various zones around the world are experiencing a heat wave of sorts this summer. […]

Credit Card Calculator: Reduce Your Credit Card Debt Faster

Credit cards. Ugggg. Just writing out the plasticky words gives me a serious case of “the sads.” There’s no doubt that when used wisely credit cards can be a fabulous tool for spending and tracking your money. […]

4 Swiffer Cleaning Hacks for Cheaper Dust-Free Living

Achoo! I’m waging a war on the dust bunny and I want you to win the money battle in the dust game. Since I’m allergic to paying for Swiffer Sweeper refills and I break out in hives at the cost of replacement Swiffer Duster thingers, I’ve hacked a better way for cleaning my home. Getting us to spend big bucks on refills is a nice gig for cleaning companies looking to make ongoing cash. […]

Squawkback: Is frugal living just a fad?

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. While promoting my book the media have consistently asked if I think we’ll return to our spend-thrift ways after the recession. I’m always stumped with this line of questioning because I’ve never been good with predicting the future. So I want to know what you guys think. […]

Going to Pot with Container Gardening

There are countless ways to go to pot. Since I’ve already taken a few pot shots, discussed pots of money, shown you how to sweeten the pot, thrown you into the pot, and given you ideas for a pot luck, I guess it’s time to go to pot with container gardening. But please, if you don’t have a pot to pi$$ in then I can’t help you. […]

6 Surefire Ways To Avoid a Mortgage Meltdown

Buying a home is expensive. Whether you’re looking to buy your first house, a cottage, a second rental condo, or upsize to a townhouse – you’d be financially wise to crunch the hard numerical data before signing for that big mortgage. […]