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What’s the Worst Neighborhood You’ve Lived In?

It was about three o’ clock in the afternoon when I heard it.  The sounds of tires screeching on pavement accompanied by a blaring popping noise that sounded like an extremely loud car engine backfiring.  I crawled up to my bedroom window, peeked out through the curtains and saw a car doing an extremely dangerously U-turn with a passenger literally riding “shotgun.”  As the passenger held a shotgu […]

Free Kindle & $5,000 @

If you haven’t heard, Ramit Sethi, personal finance blogger, kick-your-finances-into-gear extraordinaire, and overall cool guy has published his book, pointedly named “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” If you’re already planning to buy the book, join in on Ramit’s giveaway at his site. […]

Free H&R Block TaxCut Giveaway – Win a Copy of TaxCut

Free burgers is nice and all, but giving away relevant and practical stuff is even better.  H&R Block is giving away three copies of Tax Cut to readers of this horrific blog (see, there are perks to reading this blog, after all). If you’re a procrastinator like me and haven’t finished filing your taxes yet, this will be a timely giveaway. […]

myFICO 8th Anniversary 30% Off Promotional Code

You’ll have to be a true credit junkie to know this, but myFICO is celerbrating their 8th anniversary and is offering 30% off any of their FICO products.  It doesn’t beat the previous 50% off discount, but 30% isn’t too shabby either. All these discount updates I’ve posted through the years should confirms one thing: you should never pay full price for any myFICO products! FICO Credit Score - $31. […]

Breakdown: The $8,000 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

If you’re still on the fence about acquiring a home, then Uncle Sam has just thrown an extra incentive for those of you that’s still debating on waiting further or buying — a nice fat, $8,000 incentive (it’s not $15,000 but you take what you can get, eh?). Since they’ve been throwing around a bunch of different numbers and qualification scenarios, here’s the fairly-certain low down on the new home […]

No More Experian FICO Scores for Consumers

In a lovely Valentine’s gift to consumers, Experian has decided to pull out of its agreement with Fair Isaac and will no long allow Fair Issac to sell FICO scores based on Experian’s data to consumers. This is actually a fairly big deal, as lenders will continue to be able to get FICO score based on Experian reports through Fair Isaac, but consumers won’t be able to do the same.   It puts us, the […]

Denny’s Free Grand Slam Breakfast

Haven’t been to a Denny’s in awhile… but if you don’t mind the potential busy restaurant and wait, Denny’s giving a free Grand Slam breakfast per customer, from 6 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday, 2/3/09. If you don’t want to wait, speak with the manager and request for a rain check coupon, which will enable you to come back at another time to get your free Grand Slam at a more convenient time of your choosi […]

Received Schwab Invest First 2% Cash Back Visa Card

You may recall that just about a month ago, I applied for a Schwab 2% cash back Visa card. Every time I apply for a financial product that requires credit approval, a little bit of anxiety builds up.  Will I be approved? […]

Lazy Budgeting: Planning $500+ Purchases Ahead of Time

Not to brag or anything, but my discretionary income is rather healthy.  How so?  Well, the main reason is because I live (and look) like a bum.  Hah.  But regardless of how stable my financial life is, I always plan any purchases over $500 ahead of time. Calling it “lazy budgeting” is sort of misleading, as I don’t really budget — the entire act is more of a reminder for myself.  For example, for […]