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50% Discount Off All myFICO Products

Pretty darn good deal. 50% off all myFICO products.  If you’ve been considering checking your credit score for whatever reason, this will be as good of a time as any because usual discounts are only about 10% to 20% off. […]

Circuit City to Liquidate & Close – Use Gift Cards & Credit ASAP

If you haven’t heard the news already, Circuit City has decided to go into liquidation after failing to find a buyer and secure financing from creditors and lenders.  Circuit City will be closing its remaining 567 U.S. […]

Got Debt from Stupid Spending? Suck It Up and Fix It

Whew. Good riddance to 2008 eh? What a craptacular year. Without going into too much details, lets just say yours truly made a series of serious mistakes in 2008, almost on the same level of my previous stupidity of amassing around $10,000 in credit card debt back in 2002. Yeah, parts of ‘08 was that crappy. Even though they were not exactly financial mistakes, they were costly mistakes. […]

Free Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan Book from

Suze Orman is on Oprah again this week (today, in fact) — and she’s giving away another copy of her book in eBook format.  This year, they’re giving away a copy of Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan. You can download the eBook by visiting or use the link below to view or download the eBook (right click, save as). Download Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan The book is in PDF format, 1.2 MB, and at […]

Applied for a Schwab Bank Visa 2% Cash Back Credit Card

As the recession chugs along, credit card companies have been scaling back on rewards and cash-back card offerings.  There has also been a lot of behind-the-scene movement for the credit card industry, with companies ending promotion/advertising programs on certain flagship cards and products. I was just about to write a post titled “Death of the Cash back/Rewards Credit Card,” but along came the […]

Last Cash Back Check from Chase Freedom Card

A few weeks ago I requested and promptly received a $250 cash-back check from my Chase Freedom rewards card.  Being a forgetful tool bag, I quickly deposited the check in my checking account — least it slips my mind for 120 days and voids itself. Although it was nice to receive the cash-back check in time for Christmas to buy myself a gift (being an ass, you have to resort to your mom and yoursel […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays!  Its been a crazy financial year for everyone, so I hope you’ll get a little R&R before we start the entire wacky ordeal all over again. photo credit: Dr. Hemmert […]

Four Financial Advantages as You Get Older

You probably know how it is.  Like me, you’ve reached that point where it’s entirely inappropriate to consider yourself a “kid” since it’s been years you’ve finished college (or should have finished) and you’ve ought to be a contributing member to society by now. Damn. Besides the added waistline, the unflattering effects of gravity, there are a few (financial) advantages as you get older: Car re […]

Holy Crap! It’s a Roundup - 12/22/08

By the Hammer of Thor, it’s freaking cold. I know this might sound kind of lame, but when I’m home alone I’m always hesitant to turn on the heater since it feels like a waste to warm up an entire house just for myself. The heating reluctance can probably be alleviated somewhat if I just get the house insulated better, but better insulation sort of became one of those housing project that always fl […]