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Best Money Tips: Ways to Live a Life With No Regrets

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on living a life with no regrets, cutting your own hair, and tasks you shouldn't put on the backburner. Top 5 Articles 11 Ways to Live a Life With No Regrets — If you want to live your life with no regrets, be afraid of being afraid. [Lifehack] How to Cut Your Own Hair - An Updated Guide! […]

20 Snacks That Will Keep You Energized Through the Day

Looking to bust through the afternoon lull? A snack can be a fantastic energy boost, but try your best to avoid those vending machines. Sure that tasty candy bar might give you a temporary high, but you'll come crashing down hard and have less energy than you started with. Plus, over time those quarters add up. […]

3 Reasons Why You're Still in Debt

You feel like you've been working to pay off your credit cards forever, and yet each statement seems to have a higher balance than the last. It's enough to tempt you to break out the credit card for some retail therapy — even though you know that's just going to make the whole situation worse. Why can't you seem to get any traction with your debt payoff? […]

5 Great Ways to Network That Don't Feel Sleazy

While some seasoned professionals can market and network in a natural way, too many can come off as pick-up artists. Whether they are pitching a new health shake multi-level-marketing plan, their child's Girl Scout cookies, or their new tech startup, when someone you encounter has you in their sights to close a business deal, it can feel very, very uncomfortable. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thursday 4/17, 12pm PST for a Chance to Win $300 in Prizes!

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific/ 3p.m. Eastern for lively conversation and a chance to win a $200 gift card or one of two $50 gift cards! Use #WBChat and #YourFinancialLife to participate. This week's topic: Your Finances: What Matters! Join us as we talk about the different components that make up your financial life! […]

8 of Your Childhood Heroes Filed for Bankruptcy

Every schoolchild learns about Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, but few hear about his earlier declaration…for bankruptcy. And Honest Abe's not the only role model to have filed. Some of our most successful businessmen, celebrated creatives, and upstanding philanthropists have at one time gone up for Chapter 11. […]

8 Airline Fees That Are Actually Worth Paying

Airlines are using more and more excuses to tack on extra fees to your airfare. Services that used to be included in the airfare are now only provided if you're willing to dig deeper into your pocket. (See also: 37 Hidden Travel Fees) Sure, you can avoid paying these charges by going with just the basics. But as with everything else, you get what you pay for. […]

Make Your Fridge Last (Almost) Forever With These 8 Tips

After the furnace, the most important appliance in your home is probably the refrigerator. It's also one of the most expensive ones. When you spend $1,000 or more on an item, you want it to last for many years. (See also: Best Refrigerators) The tips below will ensure that your fridge is running efficiently and for years beyond the warranty. 1. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Start Investing

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on how to start investing, time management for part-time entrepreneurs, and home staging on a budget. Top 5 Articles How to start investing — If you are just getting started with investing, remember to not try to beat the market and keep fees low. […]

Save Money With These 10 Homemade, Healthy Energy and Sports Drinks

As a runner, a lot of my spare time is spent logging miles and cooking healthy foods to fuel my activity. Beyond food, though,  there's this whole world of beverages — and they can be quite expensive. But while basic water is important for hydration, the benefits of sports drinks shouldn't be overlooked with regard to energy, electrolyte balance, and vitamin content. […]