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Ask the Readers: What Was Your Biggest Expense This Month?

Our biggest expenses each month will differ from family to family, and maybe from month to month. It might be a regular payment like mortgage or student loans, or it could be a one-off purchase like new appliances or airfare for vacation. What was your biggest expense this month? Was it a regular... […]

Save Your Retirement by Avoiding These 10 Risky Investments

Trying to predict the movements of individual stocks and funds is often a futile endeavor, but it gets harder when you're tracking highly volatile investments. Many stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs are well known for share prices that jump around. That movement can be exploited in the short-term,... […]

7 Diet Trends That Can Hurt You

We're surrounded by friends, coworkers, and celebrities who swear by Paleo, juice cleanses, "nothing white," and gluten-free diets. Do they work? Maybe. But are they safe? Maybe not. Below are descriptions of some popular eating trends, and what experts have to say about them. 1.... […]

6 Apps Every Dad Needs

Whether you're a new dad or a seasoned pro, life certainly gets hectic with work and family in the mix. Here are some useful tools that will help you feel better organized, as well as healthier and more confident. (Related: The 4 Worst Mistakes Good Parents Make) 1. Cozi Chances are, with lots of... […]

Best Money Tips: Save Time and Money With Smart Home Hacks

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart home hacks that save time and money, obvious money-saving tips we often forget, and the best time to buy an iPhone 6 for cheap. Top 5 Articles 8 Super Smart Home Solutions That Save Time and Money —... […]

6 Unexpected Uses for Avocados

Silky, buttery avocados. When you think of this nutrient-rich and tasty fruit, you probably think of guacamole. Surprise yourself by trying these unexpected uses for avocados. 1. Skin Moisturizing Mask Want perfectly supple, smooth skin without having to buy expensive lotions full of weird stuff... […]

The 7 Best Pieces of Homemaking Advice From Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's name is synonymous with clever tips and tricks. Even as time has advanced, her tips remain the gold standard of anything homemaking. Here's a collection of some of her most useful advice on anything from flavoring foods to cleaning your grungy down comforters. (See also: 7 Old... […]

4 Reasons Early Retirement Might Be Financially Risky

"The money's no better in retirement — but the hours are!" So goes a popular saying. Maybe that's why many dream of retiring early. A March 2015 study of Americans with investible assets of $1 million or more found that that most of them planned to retire by age 56, and a whopping... […]

23 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Your Kid's First Day at School

Hear that sound, moms and dads? It's the silence you've been craving — oh, I don't know — since about 72 hours into your kids' summer vacation. What to do, what to do? You probably already have your time-to-relax schedule all planned out for the first day back to school, but if you've... […]

30+ Cash Back Sites to Earn You Thousands Per Year

Cash back sites are an awesome way to save a significant amount of money and earn some extra cash too. You save and earn money just for using their link to shop and use coupons. Some programs have additional ways to earn money by using their search engine or taking surveys. There are literally... […]