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Get Out of Debt Faster With the "Debt Snowflake"

Credit card debt can be very dangerous. With revolving balances and double-digit interest rates, your debt can quickly balloon out of control. There are several strategies experts recommend for paying off debt, including the debt avalanche and debt snowball methods. With the debt avalanche... […]

12 Garage Sale Items That Sell Like Hotcakes

Spring cleaning is in full swing, which means it's out with the old, and in with the new. So why not earn some extra cash by throwing a garage sale and ridding your home of your unwanted items? Here are 12 perennially popular items that are sure to sell like hot cakes. (See also: 10 Easiest Items... […]

3 Subscription Services Every Traveler Needs

Subscription services are everywhere these days, and some of them are great for frequent travelers. We've compiled a list of convenient ways you can save money through subscriptions that will work whether you're at home or traveling. Netflix Since it came out in 1997, Netflix has grown to be an... […]

The 5 Best Coloring Pens

Colored pens allow you to explore the world in color through a range of artistic effects. They can help you accomplish everything from drawing precise lines to coloring large spaces, allowing you to add your signature style to any drawing, sketch, or art project. What Are Coloring Pens? Coloring... […]

5 Stocks to Buy If You Love the Earth

Socially responsible investing (SRI) isn't a new concept, but it's an increasingly popular one in a world focused more on sustainability. The "green" subsection of SRI is environmentally-conscious investing, geared towards investment in companies that promote environmental stewardship.... […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 04/18/2017

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Laksmi Women’s Casual Dress A Line Cap Sleeve V Neck, 55% Off, Balichun Single Parachute Hammock with 2 Tree... […]

34 Ways to Come Up With the Rent Before the Month Ends

When you are short on rent, $300 might as well be $3,000,000. Finding the money seems impossible. But don't despair! Here's a list of ways to come up with the rent this month and every month. 1. Call in your markers Do people owe you money? Now is the time to call in those loans. 2. Return your... […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up for a New Credit Card

There's no shortage of attractive offers for new credit cards. The credit card industry is extremely competitive, and you are likely to come across advertising for new cards on television, in print, online, and even on airplanes. But as compelling as these offers can be, you still need to think... […]

7 Things You Should Never Include in Your Cover Letter

Writing the perfect cover letter is a job skill unto itself. In just a few paragraphs, you need to capture the reader's attention and expertly sell your skills and experience, all while striking the right professional tone. It's tempting to slap something together and tell yourself that your... […]

7 Ways Your Devices Are Spying on You

Microwave ovens aren't spying on us (yet), but plenty of other products seem to be. From smart TVs to tech toys for kids, there are a slew of common household items collecting data about our location, habits, and preferences — and some are more sinister than others. Here are some of the ways... […]