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Best Deals for Tuesday 06/23

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Payless ShoeSource: BOGO 50% off + 10% off, Tools and Hardware at Home Depot: Up to 60% off, Solar Light Up Mason... […]

Here's How Rich You'd Be If You Stopped Driving

Cars are useful, but they can also be an unnecessary burden on your budget. My first car was a sky blue 1993 Mercury Sable. It was a boat of a car, but it was lovely and near-mint because I bought it from a senior citizen who only used it for church and the grocery store. I lived in the suburbs,... […]

Ask the Readers: What is Your Favorite Way to Cool Down?

It's been feeling a lot like summer in many places lately, but summer has officially begun! One "activity" typical for this time of year is trying to cool off in blistering heat. Cranking up the AC is an easy way to do it, but there are many different (and very creative!)... […]

7 States With the Lowest Taxes for Retirees

For retirees living on fixed incomes, taxes can be burdensome and impact quality of life during retirement. Many financially savvy retirees move to states like Florida, not just for the sunshine, but to reap the economic benefits of low taxation. Florida is one of seven no-income tax states and... […]

The 10 Best Personal Finance Jingles of All Time

Since the early 1920s, advertising jingles have been coaxing their way into our conscious, and subconscious, minds. Advertising agencies use them as a way to plant a seed, so that when you need a specific product or service, you are instantly reminded of one in particular. They don't even need to... […]

Don't Leave College Without Making These 5 Moves for Financial Success

Graduating from college is both an exciting and stressful time as a young adult. The economy is not what it used to be, so there are a lot more unknowns about the future. On the flip side, there has never been a better time to be make your own luck, carve out a different career path, or make... […]

Best Money Tips: 17 Places to Watch Movies and TV for Free

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on where you can download or stream movies and TV shows for free, ways to make your home eco-friendly, and how to brew coffee without a coffee maker. Top 5 Articles 17 Places You Can (Legally) Download or Stream... […]

How One Woman Retired at 60 and Traveled the World

More than half of Americans are worried they won't have enough money to retire, according to a recent Gallup poll. Despite the dismal statistics, there are retirees today who live comfortably on their savings and live lifestyles that many would envy. Take Joe Stewart, for example, who retired... […]

Don't Forget to Budget for These Unexpected Moving Expenses

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and stressful. Maybe you're moving to relocate for a job, or to be closer to family and friends. Whatever the reason, the process can become overwhelming for both your sanity and your budget if you're not careful. As my husband and I plan our own... […]

3 Pearls of Financial Wisdom From Alan Greenspan

Known as the Oracle, Alan Greenspan is one of the most widely respected Federal Chairmen of all time due to both his economic knowledge and political savvy. A familiar face throughout two decades of U.S. history, Greenspan is the second-longest serving Federal Reserve Chairman (1987–2006),... […]