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9 Ways to Use Miles and Points for Holiday Gifts

Although shopping isn't always the best way to get value out of your credit card or other loyalty rewards — international flights and upgrades typically get more punch for the point — there are lots of good reasons to consider spending some points on holiday gifts. If you're short on... […]

Earn Extra Points for Your Gas and Restaurant Purchases

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/wells-fargo-propel-american-express-credit-card-review?... With the Wells Fargo Propel American Express card you can earn points... […]

Best Deals for Friday 12/09

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Grab your 136 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books for 67% OFF!, and more... Kurt Adler 16-Inch Gingerbread... […]

Building Wealth and Banishing Fear: Highlights from Our Chat With Cary Carbonaro

Cary Carbonaro joined us for our #WBChat on December 8th to promote her book, "The Money Queens Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear!" Our #moneyqueenguide #WBChat featured helpful advice on how to build wealth and banish fear and Cary's tips were extremely... […]

How to Spot a Charity Scam From a Mile Away

When it comes to donating to charity, people have good intentions. They want to give to a worthy cause, but unfortunately, so many individuals do very little research before opening up their checkbooks. While many charities are legitimate, there are several that should be avoided. They are the... […]

Best Money Tips: Easy Habits That Make You Smarter

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on habits that will make you smarter, creative DIY Christmas ornaments, and junk around the house that you can sell on eBay. Top 5 Articles 15 Habits That Will Make You Smarter — Grab a notebook and jot down 10 ideas a... […]

How to Use Glassdoor to Earn More Money

Ever get the feeling that your company isn't paying you enough? Job search and employer-review site Glassdoor is ready to give you the evidence. The site recently released the beta version of Know Your Worth, an online tool designed to help employees determine if they are indeed being underpaid.... […]

The 5 Best Instant Cameras

Instant cameras seem to be all the rage right now. They combine old-school Polaroid cameras with new-world technology. They can print out photos that you want to share instantly with friends and family, so they’re a must-have for any special occasion. What Is an Instant Camera? An instant... […]

11 Great Frugal Gifts for Booklovers

Christmastime is here. If you've been planning for months, this is probably a great feeling. You can relax and enjoy the decorating, the events, the lights, the parties — the whole season. But if you're not a planner, Christmas can be stressful. Instead of enjoying everything the season... […]

Save and Earn More With These Store Credit Cards

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/store-credit-cards-that-dont-suck?utm_source=wisebread&... Now is the time to take advantage of special savings and discounts... […]