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Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

It's a few days before Halloween, and while I have put up Halloween decorations, I have given barely a thought to what I'll wear as I hand out pencils and candy to the little witches and goblins that visit my door. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Save? (Chance to win $20!)

Save 3-6 months of income for an emergency. Have plenty on hand for retirement. Don't send your kids off to college penniless. These are all good goals for storing up, but putting them into practice can be difficult. Do you have a tip for socking cash away for a rainy day? […]

Share Your Thoughts: Consolidating Student Loans

From time to time, I receive questions from blog readers. I know that, like the “Ask the Audience” lifeline on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the collective wisdom of many can often be very valuable. To that end, I have decided to periodically put these questions I receive to you, the reader. […]

The ABC’s of DIY Moving

The thought of moving is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the bravest souls. Relocating on-the-cheap (without the benefit of a team of professional movers, a sea of boxes and bubble-wrap, and a small fleet of vans), well, that’s just plain hard. […]

You Own Your Finances: How Much People Spend to Watch Movies

Many people falsely assume that living frugally means missing out. True, it takes compromise and adjustments to live simply and conservatively, but the sacrifices are often much less than what people think. […]

Best Money Tips: Boost Your Self-Esteem

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tips to build self-esteem and keep it going, a list of websites for the design-impaired, tips for newbie mystery shoppers, and more! Top 5 Articles How to Build Self Esteem Forever — Everyone is special and unique, and awesome in their own way. […]

Wise Bread’s Top 100 Chart Just Got Better

ShareThisWe started the Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs chart because we love discovering and recognizing talented bloggers. You helped us build this chart, with hundreds of emails and tweets suggesting new blogs, correcting errors, and offering your encouragement. Thanks to your support, this chart has enjoyed a lot of exposure. We've been […]

Girly Fun on a Budget

I don’t consider myself much of a girly-girl, but there are days when I would give anything for a trip to a spa or some new boots. These days, though, the cash isn’t flowing quite as fast as it used to, and I’m finding new ways to get my girly fix so I can feel comfortable with myself as a woman but also save more. […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Kids Cash for the Holidays

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Do you remember how hard it was to get your hands on cash? I know I'm dating myself here, but when I was young, a dollar was, well, paper money. I could get a lot of candy for that dollar. A lot. So why have I been so hesitant to give kids cash for gifts? […]

Best Money Tips: Tasks you can offload to a virtual assistant

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant, a way to expand the variety of your cookie stash, natural methods to clean stainless steel, and more! Top 5 Articles 7 Tasks an Online Virtual Assistant Can Handle for You — Does it seem like you never have enough time? […]