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4 Reasons Why You Must Open a Roth IRA Before April 15

It's that time of year again. While tax season can bring a lot of stress, there are some things you can do to make it pay off for you. One of them is to open a Roth IRA, which is a little different than a traditional IRA. The key difference is that contributions to traditional IRAs are pre-tax, while Roth IRA contributions are after tax. […]

Ask @WiseBread a Question for Chance to Win a iPhone 5s or GS4

Wise Bread, Jeff Rose (certified financial planner and author of Good Financial Cents) and Cricket Wireless have teamed up to bring you a live Ask the Expert Event this Tuesday, March 25th! You can win awesome prizes by asking questions via Twitter and participate by watching the event live via Youtube Stream below. Prizes for Twitter Users Cricket Wireless is giving away: One GS4 or iPhone 5 […]

Change Your Life by Learning How to Admit You're Wrong

We all know the uncomfortable feeling of suddenly realizing that mistakes have been made, and the mistakes were our own. That feeling is almost always followed by the realization that there's a choice to make. You can admit the mistake, and take whatever consequences might be forthcoming, or you can try to hide your culpability and hope that no one notices. […]

10 Ways to Save Money on a Great American Road Trip

The United States of America is a massive country — the third largest in the world (after Russia and Canada) in fact. One of the best ways to explore the U.S. is on a good 'ol American road trip. […]

Eight Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/eight-ways-to-make-your-home-more-secure-from-expert-su... Home security insider shares his best tips for securing your home. […]

Best Money Tips: Affordable Travel Tips

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on affordable travel tips, grocery shopping for 4 on $100 a week, and ways to avoid a money pit. Top 5 Articles 10 Affordable Travel Tips to Stay Within Your Vacation Budget — Traveling during the off-season and watching for deals can help you stay within your vacation budget. […]

Get the Job You Want With the Right Professional Image

Your professional image — your "personal brand" — combines all of your knowledge, talent, and experience into the public face of your professional persona. The most effective personal brand not only reflects the proper image, it also works across a variety of online forms as well as in person. But even the most carefully crafted personal brand can benefit from a little tweaking. […]

6 Basics You Must Know Before You Start Investing

So, you wanna be an investor? Like, a real, stock-trading, market-following investor? It's kind of terrifying, right? You probably have friends who've lost money — or maybe even their shirts. And it's hard not to notice all the news about market crashes and bankruptcies and even fraud. Sure, you could put your money in a savings account, or some other investment with little or no risk. […]

7 Ways to Help Your Parents Save Money

It can be difficult to have financial conversations with your parents as they get older. Maybe your family never really talked about money, or maybe your parents don’t want to discuss their financial life because they feel like they’d be giving up part of their independence. […]

10 Ways to Get Stronger Bones Without Eating Dairy

Bone health is something we all must consider long before we become seniors. Most people reach their maximum bone mass between ages 25 and 30. By age 40, we begin to lose bone mass. The loss of bone mass leads to osteoporosis — a condition that makes bones more brittle and susceptible to breaks. […]