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The 5 Best Liquid Eyeliners

Whether you want a precise cat eye or a thick, bold line, liquid eyeliner can help you achieve the effect you’re looking for. The right liquid eyeliner can have eye-opening effects by brightening tired eyes, filling in the lashes, and defining your eyes. Liquid eyeliner is a must-have beauty... […]

10 Money Moves to Make When a Layoff Is Coming

The signs are right there: All departmental budgets are cut way back;   Several key senior managers suddenly resign;   Entire divisions are consolidated, outsourced, or cut; and   Many meetings that were previously open to everybody are now held behind closed... […]

Get More Points for Travel on All Your Purchases

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bankamericard-travel-rewards-more-rewards-for-more-trav... Get 20,000 bonus points good for $200 in travel. Plus you get 1.5... […]

5-Day Debt Reduction Plan: Add It Up

[Editor's Note: This is part two of our five-part series on debt reduction. To read more, see the rest of the 5-Day Debt Reduction Plan.] Excuses and bad habits might have stopped you from achieving financial success in the past, but now that you're ready to tackle debt like a boss, it's time to... […]

The Frugal Living Commencement Speech I'd Give to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Me, Congratulations on your graduation! You have worked hard and deserve a huge high five. Take some time to enjoy this moment, because pretty soon, real life is going to come at you like a train hauling nitroglycerin. But don't worry. You're prepared for this. You've got a good... […]

Ask the Readers: What Advice Would You Give a New Grad?

The academic year is ending (or has ended for some schools) and a horde of young graduates will be unleashed upon society. Some of them will continue their education in higher learning, while others will start their careers — or working towards finding one. What advice would you give a new... […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 06/07

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Check out our Tuesday treats - Marvel Men's Captain America Watch $32, Ionic Facial Steamer Sprayer Sauna... […]

5 Ways to Handle a Forced Early Retirement

You had a plan: You would work until 67, contributing the maximum amount of each paycheck into your company's 401K plan. You would then enjoy a retirement of traveling the world and spending time with your grandchildren. But then your company changed your plans. They let you go you at age 55 or... […]

Best Money Tips: 20+ Ways to Get Paid for Watching TV

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on over 20 ways to get paid to watch videos and TV, small financial changes that have a big impact, and facts about Social Security benefits that Baby Boomers should know. Top 5 Articles 21 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos... […]

How to Get Even More Freebies in Exchange for a Review

Who doesn't like to get free stuff? It's even better when the free stuff is actually stuff you want and like. Through the help of a small personal website and my Amazon review account, I have been able to review — and keep — over $1,000 worth of goods for free. Here are my simple tips... […]