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Cheap Fun and Libations: Brewery and Winery Tours

Brewery and winery tastings used to be more of a way to score a free drink. Today, however, they offer not only gratis samples of select drinks, but also an opportunity to learn the difference between a regular brew and a microbrew or how your favorite vineyard fared during Prohibition. […]

Best Money Tips: Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart money moves for college freshmen, ways to save money on your next vacation, and how to stop wasting money. Top 5 Articles Going to College? 5 Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen — As a college student, make sure to start building your credit. […]

6 Tips for Making Cheaper, Faster, Better Meals

There are days when I spend an hour or more in the kitchen, chopping, slicing, and flipping food for an amazing weeknight meal. It's just that those occasions are rare. I don't always have that kind of time (the last thing I want to do after a long day of work is slave in front of a hot stove), and I doubt you do either. […]

10 Travel "Must-Haves" That You Can Live Without

If you Google "travel must-haves," you will be treated to pages upon pages of articles listing many travel-sized, helpfully collapsible items and nifty little space-aged gadgets all geared toward making your next trip hassle-free, and all (they swear) completely and utterly necessary. While every destination admittedly comes with its own set of packing requirements (a water purification pen would […]

Best Money Tips: Gym Membership Alternatives

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on alternatives to gym membership, convincing your partner to save money, and things to buy in August. Top 5 Articles 5 Alternatives to Gym Membership — Instead of paying for a gym membership, consider taking advantage of day passes. […]

From $5 to $30+, Date Ideas for Every Budget

I'm happy to say that I'm a cheap date. I don't mean that I have a low tolerance for alcohol, but that I'm happy doing free or cheap things in the company of someone I enjoy. […]

How to Buy and Sell Airline Miles

Most airlines these days have frequent flyer programs where you can use your accumulated miles to redeem rewards, often in the form of flight tickets. It’s great when you earn enough miles to pay for free trips, but you don’t necessarily have to wait for your miles to build up before you reap the fruits of your miles. You can also buy, sell, and transfer frequent flyer miles to get a deal you want […]

Milking It: 5 Easy Homemade Cheeses

One of the things that always amazes me about cooking is how, if you have a little bit of patience and a willingness to follow directions, certain totally intimidating foods turn out to be relatively easy to make. Like bagels. OK, your homemade bagels might not taste exactly like the ones at your favorite NYC nosheri. […]

Best Money Tips: Tips to Help Pay for Car Repairs

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on tips to help pay for car repairs, preparing for your next financial crisis, and banking mistakes you don't want to make. Top 5 Articles Most Americans Can't Pay for Car Repairs, 4 Tips to Help — To make car repairs more affordable, consider having comprehensive insurance. […]

Cold, Frugal Drinks to Keep You Cool in the Heat

The mercury is rising, and you are thirsty, but the idea of a boring old glass of water has you reaching for your wallet (and a $5 mixed coffee at Starbucks). Stop! Put your money down and step away from the counter. You can make your own delicious beverages that will quench your thirst and protect you wallet from summertime pillaging. […]