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Surprising Ways to Save Even More on Black Friday

If you are one of the thousands of shoppers who have accepted and triumphed over the challenge of Black Friday’s frenzied crowds, early hours, and long lines, you’re likely familiar with the slew of benefits associated with shopping on this day of huge discounts and bargains. However,... […]

Limited Time Offer: Get $150 Cash Back Bonus with Chase Freedom

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/chase-freedom-a-more-rewarding-way-to-shop For a limited time, Chase Freedom is offering new cardholders $150 for a sign up bonus.... […]

Best Money Tips: 70 Money Skills Everyone Should Know

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found 70 essential money skills everyone should know, what to look for in your side hustle business, and personal finance principles for a richer life. Top 5 Articles 70 Essential Money Skills Everyone Must Know — Learn to do as much... […]

4 Zen Concepts That'll Improve Your Finances

Zen and personal finance — sounds a little "woo woo," right? Except that there are actually several Zen concepts that can help you gain a different perspective on your money and improve your finances. Give it a try! Here are four ways that going Zen can help you handle your money... […]

Ask the Readers: What Are Your Alternative Thanksgiving Traditions?

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays with many traditional aspects like sharing a big meal with friends and family, carving into a whole turkey, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. But sometimes, tradition can get expensive and stressful, so we come up with easier, cheaper ways to... […]

Avoid the Tax Season Rush With These Early Prep Steps

It's almost the holidays, which is fun! But that also means it's almost tax season — decidedly less fun. Filing in 2016 might be tricky for some people, so here's how to prep now, and avoid the headache later. How to Organize Your Documents Make sure your basic tax documents are ready to... […]

9 Easy Mason Jar Gifts You Can Make

A gift in a mason jar is unique, heartfelt, affordable, and easy-to-make. We've found some of the best mason jar gift ideas that will meet all your gift-giving needs this season. 1. Food Mixes This is the easiest way to gift homemade cookies or other sweet treats. Layer all of the dry ingredients... […]

8 Career Mistakes to Stop Making by 30

Mistakes — we all make them, and we all (hopefully) learn from them. When we begin our careers, we make a lot of them. This is only natural, as we are finding our way and often need help, guidance, and understanding. But by the time we have hit 30, we should have five to ten years of... […]

Best Money Tips: Smart, Simple Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found simple and smart ways to lower your electricity bill, the best exercise for weight control, and foods that will boost your energy. Top 5 Articles 10 Simple and Smart Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill — In order for your... […]

5 Turkey Alternatives That Won't Break Your Holiday Budget

Thanksgiving is awesome, but all those ingredients equals one time-intensive meal — especially the turkey. If you're not the biggest fan of brining, spatchcocking, or roasting one in an exhaustive two-day process, then try these five turkey alternatives that won't break your budget. 1. Roast... […]