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How to Refinance Your Mortgage

When you refinance a loan you replace it with a new loan that, hopefully, has better terms and a lower interest rate. Savings could be substantial, depending on the size of the loan and the interest rate change. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thu 3/7, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: How to Save on Pets! Learn about saving on food, boarding, and vet bills! […]

6 Ways to Get Paid for Saving Money

You can make money by saving money, apart from interest, dividends, and investment earnings. These methods deliver bonuses in ways you may not have recognized as getting paid to save. (See also: The 5 Best Online Savings Accounts) 1. Claim the Saver's Credit This money comes from the federal government via the IRS. […]

8 Easy Easter Crafts for Busy Families on a Budget

If you find yourself balking at the thought of the price tag associated with the fancy outfits, elaborate family dinners, and giant neighborhood egg hunts that come with the holiday, chill out. There are plenty of cheap and fun things to do for Easter, including making your own Easter crafts instead of spending too much at the store. Here are a handful of simple ones to get you started. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Ask for a Raise

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on how to ask for a raise, saving on summer camp, and signs you need a vacation. Top 5 Articles How To Ask For A Raise - 7 Tips — When asking for a raise, it's important to show quantifiable results. […]

The False Allure of Compound Interest

You've seen compound interest stories. Just save $10 or $50 a week or a month and in 25 or 35 years you'll have a fortune! It's not so simple. (See also: Non-Financial Investments) The compound interest story isn't wrong, exactly; it's simply misleading. It's misleading for two big reasons. First, because things change. […]

Can You Have It All? 4 Tips for Doing More With Your Time

I recently started a demanding job as a first year associate at a large law firm. During law school, I attended numerous presentations focused on women in the law, and the issue of time and work-life balance always came up. Soon-to-be women attorneys wanted to know how to have it all. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Shop at Thrift Stores?

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to spend less on the things you don't mind buying used, like clothes and home furnishings. And if you're lucky, you might even find some hidden gems — vintage records or out-of-print books, anyone? […]

Why Superstition Makes You Buy Insurance

As a teenager, I had a love-hate relationship with horror flicks. I loved watching them with my friends and feeling deliciously frightened in a crowded theater. I hated driving home alone in the dark to my parents' house afterwards. […]

25 Ways to Boost Creativity

Even those who go, go, go all day long can run into creative walls every once in a while. And once you’ve been knocked down, it can be hard to get back up again — despite what 90s annoyance Chumbawamba professes. So to help you reclaim your creativity in the event that you’re at an intellectual impasse, here are 25 tips on how to boost your creative brainpower. […]