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Which Salt Is Best?

The salt that we consume is mostly composed of sodium chloride, and any other color or flavor that you get from it, other than saltiness, comes from either impurities or additives. […]

10 Ways to Take 10 Minutes for Mom

There's no doubt about it — moms work hard. We pack school lunches, schedule appointments, kiss boo-boos, and treat fevers at 3 a.m. Our work is never finished, and it can be difficult (or downright impossible) to find the time to take care of ourselves. Fortunately, relaxing and rejuvenating doesn't always have to be time consuming. […]

How to Get a Groupon Refund When a Company Closes

What happens to a Groupon if the company offering the deal closes? And how do you get your money back? […]

250+ Tips for Small Business Owners

It's not easy owning and running a small business, but Wise Bread can help. Here, you'll find expert tips for sales and operations, taxes and recruitment, tools and hacks, and more! […]

How to Watch Movies in the Theater for Free

I know this sounds amazing, and there's a kicker — you can see these movies in theaters for free BEFORE they're released to the general public! It sounds too good to be true, but it can be done really easily. For the past year or so, I have been attending movies in theaters before they've been released. […]

Stalemate on the Debt Ceiling?

The news is full of speculation about the result if there's a stalemate on the debt ceiling, but I know what would really happen. I live in Illinois. You see, Illinois has been in much the same situation for years now. […]

Digital Camera Buying Guide

What secrets lie beneath the soft click of the image capture? What misconceptions lurk beneath the Megapixel label? Do you really want all of the bells and whistles, or are you being deceived into paying for totally unnecessary hardware? […]

Energy Price Spikes

The current price spike hasn't gotten energy prices as high as they were in mid-2008, but they're already higher than any other time, and they're still going up. This trend will continue. I don't mean that prices will keep going up right now (although they may). What I mean is that energy prices will continue to rise and fall. […]