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Organize a Room for $10 with No Extra Effort

Organization is the bane of many families' existence. Most busy families do not have the time or the energy to constantly battle household clutter because with each new day, there is more. […]

Why You Can Accomplish Even Your Wildest Dreams

My daughter, Sara, is turning six months old. She came into this world knowing nothing, but she was eager to learn. After all, it was necessary to survive. On her first days out of her mommy's tummy, she didn't even know how to drink milk! Eventually, she mastered the art. […]

Quarterlife Crisis! What is It?

ShareThisYour mid-twenties or early-thirties is usually when you have the desire to define yourself, set yourself apart from the rest. It is an age of utter confusion and internal turmoil, an age where you constantly contemplate what roads to take and who to travel with. Is it really true? […]

5 Expenses to Ditch After Age 30

Climb out from beneath the covers and face the harsh light of day: You're 30. Surprisingly, it isn't the end of the world. In fact, consider it an opportunity to shed some of the bad habits and poor financial decisions of the past. […]

Are You Saving Too Much?

The current economy has taught a lot of us that we're not saving enough money for that proverbial (and inevitable) rainy day. Still, there are folks who could easily retire at 40 and never look back. […]

How Well Do You Know Your Facebook Friends? Precautions for Travelers

I have visited six countries in the last six months. And every time I've crossed a border (and sometimes even when I haven't), Facebook has known about it. "We don't recognize the location you're logging in from," they begin. […]

How Money Can Destroy Your Dreams

ShareThisSome people say that money is evil, while others think money is everything. I don't agree with either side. Money is just a tool, and what you do with it is up to you. Money can control you or it can free you. It can improve your life or it can make your life miserable. […]

How to Get Yourself Into Debt

ShareThisThere are hundreds of articles out there about debt: How to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt, how to prevent yourself from going into debt, and so on and so forth. But rarely will you stumble across an article that actually tells you the best ways to get into debt. […]

Best Money Tips: 5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tips for surviving a horrible job, the 12 things every Italian kitchen should have, and how to make a knotted scarf from a t-shirt! Top 5 Articles 5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate – Does your day job stink? […]