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7 Amazon Prime Perks You've Forgotten to Use

With the recent news of Amazon changing how they charge for Prime, and allowing users to pay on a month-by-month basis, it has many revisiting their membership and asking themselves if they're using Prime to its fullest potential. It's with this frame of mind that I wanted to talk about some of the... […]

Best Money Tips: How to Get Stuff for Free at CVS

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found savvy ways to get free stuff at CVS, free budget spreadsheets to organize your household finances, and DIY projects that you can tackle with YouTube. Top 5 Articles 27 Ways to Save Money at CVS: How Pro Shoppers Use Coupons &... […]

Best Deals for Wednesday 05/18

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Don't miss these deals - 79% Off on UV Black Light Pet Urine Detector with UV Glasses, 67% Off on All-Natural... […]

5 Unfounded Credit Card Fears

Credit cards get plenty of bad press. Scan the web and you'll find countless stories of consumers who've run up thousands of dollars of high-interest rate debt, fallen behind on their monthly payments, and destroyed their credit scores. But credit cards, if used responsibly, are important... […]

What You Can Buy With $5,000

If I had a million dollars… So the song by Canadian alt rockers Barenaked Ladies goes. While it may be fun to imagine what you would spend a cool mill on, it's a lot more realistic to imagine that you may find yourself with $5K to dispose of as you wish. Maybe you got a big tax refund this... […]

A Simple Guide to Rolling Over All of Your 401Ks and IRAs

The median number of years that U.S. workers stick with their current employer is 4.6 years, according to U.S. Department of Labor. This means that sooner or later you're bound to quit, get fired, or get laid off from your current job. To avoid steep transaction fees, early distribution taxes, or... […]

10 Frugal and Delicious Meals to Make With Your Kids

There are a lot of great reasons to cook with your kids. They'll taste and sample ingredients during the process, which I have found is a good way to introduce new foods. Secondly, cooking is an excellent time to hang out and bond with them. Lastly, they'll need to know how to cook eventually, when... […]

9 Ways Life Is Wonderful When You're a Good Driver

This post brought to you by Progressive. You could save $598* when you switch to Progressive. Are you the mom who always gets asked to drive on school field trips? Do you take pleasure in feeling yourself come to a complete stop at intersections? Can you recall many instances over the... […]

6 Common Debt Reduction Roadblocks — And How to Beat Them

Debt is big business in the United States. Currently, credit card debt alone is approaching $1 trillion, or around $5,700 per household. (For those with a revolving balance, it's closer to $16,000!) Paying it down can be a daunting prospect, so we often build mental roadblocks to avoid it. However,... […]

7 Fool-Proof Ways to Stay Within Your Travel Budget

Once you've planned your big trip, written down all of your expenses, and come up with a travel plan, you may think that it will be easy to stay within your budget. But sometimes you end up going over your planned costs, no matter how prepared you think you are. Here are seven tips to help ensure... […]