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What I Miss About the Recession

The recent "Great Recession" was officially deemed to be over in 2009, but it is only recently that the economic recovery seems to have really picked up speed. While it is nice to see the stock market go up and the unemployment rate go down, I do miss a few things about the recessionary years. […]

5 Debt Lessons From Darth Vader

One of the most evil heroes in science fiction history is Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader. He went from being a great man and good friend to betraying everyone he loved and becoming a sinister Sith Lord. Ultimately, the story of Anakin Skywalker is one of redemption. […]

How to Save on Babysitting Without Ending Up on the Local News

A recent survey by online childcare matchmaker UrbanSitter.com found that the average parent pays $14 per hour in my area — San Francisco — for care for just one child. My husband and I have three children. Combine these two facts and you might be able to guess that we haven't been out on a date in months. […]

Best Money Tips: Steps to Stop Procrastinating With Your Taxes

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on steps to stop procrastinating with your taxes, how to be a millionaire in the making, and maximizing social security payouts. Top 5 Articles 4 Steps to Stop Procrastinating With Your Taxes — To get yourself to stop procrastinating on your taxes, entice yourself with a reward! […]

The 5 Best Espresso Makers

Now that we have given you our recommendations for the best tools to make great drip-coffee at home, it is time to move on to a more specialized form of coffee — espresso. Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that can serve as the base for drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thu 3/28, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Having a Frugal Easter! Learn about saving on gifts and not breaking the bank on food and drinks! […]

Frugal Factors: What Traits Do Most Savers Share?

As I get older, I find myself more and more inclined to spend time with those who share my views on frugality, simple living, and saving. It seems as my age increases, so does my resolve to be quite open about my frugal ways. I guess that’s either drawn like-minded folks toward me, or repelled others — perhaps it’s done a bit of both simultaneously. […]

14 Tasty, Frugal Eggplant Recipes

Eggplant can be a frugal staple of many delicious dishes, especially when in season. You can easily grow it in most gardens nationwide, and one plant can yield dozens of the purple-skinned beauties. Most gardeners and gourmet shoppers can soon run out of ideas for the versatile aubergine, however. […]

Best Money Tips: Cheap Easter Crafts for Kids

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on cheap Easter crafts for kids, ways to save $100 in a month, and debt lessons from The Pursuit of Happyness. Top 5 Articles 7 Cheap (and Easy) Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids — This Easter, have your kids make origami bunny boxes. […]

6 Reasons Your Great Startup Business Is Doomed

There are many people who have great ideas and the spurt of ambition to pursue their dream of working for themselves. Unfortunately, many of these same people have also gone bust — even before getting their business up and running. […]