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Earn Extra Income With These 15 Creative Side Gigs

Loving gives thrills, but doesn't pay the bills! From making rent to saving for your daughter's college fund, there is always one more bill to take care of, so some people have to get really creative when it comes to making a buck. (See also: 10 Awesome Jobs You Didn't Know Existed) Think your job is strange? Then check out these crazy careers. 1. […]

The 10 Dirtiest, Germiest, Grossest Things You Live With Everyday

Germs are all around us. In fact, the human body is made up of 100 trillion of them. That's right, you are literally one big walking germ. For the most part, none of this is need for concern. A healthy adult immune system is equipped with the tools it needs to coexist with the majority of the germs we encounter in daily life. […]

The 5 Best Fabric Softeners

Adding fabric softener is a staple part of many people's laundry routine. But with the many different types of fabric softener out there, it's easy to get lost in all of the choices you have. […]

The 5 Worst Work From Home Jobs

Telecommuting — that is, working from home instead of a traditional office setting — offers employees freedom, flexibility, and nearly infinite pantlessness. No wonder it's a growing trend. Some work-at-home opportunities are more hype than hope, however, and many workers find that they are trading in convenience and lower commute costs for a lower earning potential and less job security. […]

Best Money Tips: Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on tips for saving on back to school shopping, scoring a bigger raise, and the secret to happiness. Top 5 Articles Tips for Saving Money on Back to School Shopping — To save money on back to school shopping, buy backpacks and lunch-boxes on sale the year before. […]

The 10 Most Creative Ways to Avoid Airline Fees (Like Wearable Suitcases)

The cost of flying has never been higher. Which means the ways to potentially save on airfare have never been as… creative. (See also: 8 Airline Fees That Are Actually Worth Paying) For those interested in bending a few rules, or looking a bit silly, you can skip some of the fees and chop down the price of a ticket, with these 10 of most ridiculous ways you can avoid those pesky airline fees. 1. […]

Ask the Readers: What Was Your Most Expensive Purchase, Ever?

For most frugal-minded people, everyday life is filled with many small purchases with a few mid-range expenses sprinkled in. When a big-ticket purchase comes along, it takes much more consideration than what to buy at the grocery store. What was your most expensive purchase, ever? […]

12 Places to Keep Your Money Safe — And Growing

Maybe you've heard a story like this: An entirely ordinary — and often reclusive — elderly person passes away, revealing the millions of dollars they have stashed away in their modest homes. One Nevada man died to reveal a fortune, including gold bars and coins, worth more than $7 million. […]

10 Things You Should Do Now to Get Your Finances in Order for the Holidays

In a way, Black Friday has become a sort of ceremonial ribbon cutting for the holiday spending season in America. In reality, the groundwork to spend all that money during November and December can and should be laid during the months leading up to Thanksgiving. […]

The 5 Best Digital Thermometers

Since the dawn of time, we've had a need to measure temperatures for varying reasons. Today, thermometers still serve the very important purpose of detecting fever and illness in people, especially in children. […]