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Lower Interest Rates with Credit Sesame and Lending Club

It used to be that only savvy technophiles would extol the virtues of online financial tracking software, but nowadays, it's not uncommon to use websites to track banking, investment, and debt information. […]

14 Valentine’s Day Desserts That Hit the (Sweet) Spot

Everybody knows that the best part about dinner is dessert. That’s never truer than on Valentine’s Day, when reaching confectionary euphoria is required to call the meal complete. (See also: Valentine's Day on a Budget) Here are 14 no-sweat recipes that all end with the singing of your praises. 1. […]

Ask the Readers: Should Personal Finance be Taught in Schools?

From an early age, we were all taught the subject of mathematics. School taught us everything from addition to subtraction to geometry to calculus. But there was one subject that seemed to be missing from the curriculum: personal finance. Do you think personal finance should be taught in schools? […]

5 Tips for Scoring a Frequent-Flyer Rewards Flight

In the exciting world of collecting air-miles points, collecting is the easiest part of the game. Sure, you can boast about having 150,000 points sitting in your favorite account, but wouldn’t you rather talk about how you went to Europe? […]

5 Things Other Grocery Stores Should Steal from Trader Joe's

Often pieces like this have a disclaimer at the end: I do not own shares in..., I am not employed by...; you get the idea. I have no vested interest in Trader Joe's other than that I'd like to see them expand so that I can find one wherever I go in the states.  If you don't shop at Trader Joe's, give it a shot. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Be the Early Bird

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup!   Today we found some awesome articles on ways to be the early bird, tips for helping your child with their first car purchase, and how to be a smart consumer. Top 5 Articles 17 Ways to Be the Early Bird — Want to get a head start on your day? […]

Student Loans: How to Make Post-College Decisions

Making decisions about student loans doesn’t have to be difficult. The biggest challenge is abandoning the idea of one-size-fits-all advice. Why? The first 10 years after college graduation (a common repayment time frame) are often the most financially volatile times of your life. Plus, the type of student loan — federal vs. […]

6 Frugal Promises I Have Not Kept

When I started blogging for Wise Bread many eons ago, I was making a great salary and had just bought my own home. […]

10 Hidden Costs That Hurt Your Wallet

When we see two places selling the same products at different prices, it is trivial to figure out which one costs less. But there are hidden costs, such as the time and money it takes to get to the store, that determine which decision is truly the less-expensive route. […]