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City Shopping: Finding Your New Frugal Home

Living frugally means more than paying attention to the small details of our financial lives. Sometimes the broad brushstrokes we make can affect our lifestyles more than anything else. People seldom talk about how the place we choose to live can add to — or detract from — our frugal goals. […]

20 Frugal Ways to Brighten Your Spouse's Day

With everything that my husband and I have going on in our lives, it’s often easy to forget about each other. I don’t mean that we forget that the other person exists, but it’s not uncommon to get so wrapped up in our work and other responsibilities that we neglect our relationship at times. I know we’re not alone in this. There are lots of other couples out there in similar situations. […]

Deal Killers: 5 Phrases to Avoid When Negotiating

To the uninitiated, the process of negotiating can often seem stressful. Sellers get defensive about their prices; buyers hesitate to haggle for a better deal. In this potent of mix of awkwardness, we toss out phrases that don’t do us any favors and offer information that can hurt our chances of coming out ahead. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Save Money on Gas

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on how to save money on gas, ways frugal travelers save on trips, and fun on a cheapskate's budget. Top 5 Articles How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car - 20 Easy Ways — Avoiding gas stations by the highway can help you save money on gas. […]

When Avoiding Debt Is the Losing Strategy

I must have written a dozen articles about the dangers of debt, but there are circumstances where taking on debt is the winning move. Here's an analysis. Borrowing for consumption is almost always bad. (I say "almost" only to allow for cases where you're borrowing for necessities like life-saving medical care.) Borrowing for investment is another matter altogether. […]

9 Costly Things New Homeowners Don't Prepare For

When you’re buying a new home (and that could be a new build or a used home that’s new to you) you are caught up in a whirlwind of things to do, people to see, papers to sign, and plans to make. Most of all, you’re excited. And rightly so. Then, moving day comes. Once all the boxes are unloaded, and the furniture is shoved roughly into the right rooms, you grab a coffee and take a breather. […]

19 Frugal Ways to Entertain Teenagers

Teens can be a tough audience to entertain. Their free time is precious, especially for those loaded with AP classes, sports and music commitments, work, and extra-curricular obligations. For many, down time is spent looking at screens, interacting with friends via social media and Skype, or both. So coming up with ways to engage them without resorting to digital devices is hard. […]

Best Money Tips: Steps to Cheaper Food

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on steps to cheaper food, dealing with debt collectors, and homeschooling on a budget. Top 5 Articles 36 easy steps to cheaper food! — To save money on food, warm your stale bread in the oven to make it taste fresh again. […]

7 Great Reasons to Travel With a Tablet Device

During the last year, I took the plunge and purchased a tablet device for travel and home use. Here are my top reasons for doing so, as well as my reasons for finally purchasing the one I did. […]

10 Ways to Get Rid of Stuff Frugally

It's a symptom of our crazy consumer culture that how to get rid of stuff is such a common topic of discussion. […]