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10 Back-to-School iPhone Apps

The summer is coming to an end and it's back-to-school time. If you have ever been a student, you'll know that student life is not easy or cheap. With rising tuition costs, high unemployment, and busy schedules, finding ways to manage your time and budget seems impossible. No need to panic! […]

Be In Charge of Your Finances

Do you ever come to the end of the money before you run out of month? It's easy to conclude that the problem is that you don't earn enough money (or that you spend too much). […]

What I Learned From Working at a Bank

My boss has asked me in my last two performance appraisals what I enjoy about my job and each time, I say that having this job will make me 10 times wealthier in my personal life. I don't mean that I'm making a ridiculous salary. […]

What Does Being Rich Mean to You Anyway?

Money Magazine had an interesting article in the September 2010 issue titled "Do You Have What It Takes To Be Wealthy?" The article comprised of 15 questions aimed to tell you if, indeed, you have a good chance to be rich. […]

How to Get a Life: Consider the Worst Case Scenario

There is something that drives everything we do. Some actions are driven by love. Others motivated by hate. Money can get most of us moving. Some act based on their religious beliefs. The Purpose Driven Life reminds us that some are motivated by FEAR. And I believe it. […]

Is GDP Still Important?

Every pundit, politician, and economic forecaster (even smarmy financial dilettantes such as myself) have remarked that the recent recession was the worst economic calamity since the great depression. It's a very dramatic, historic and urgent thing to say — something that you want to have on record that you said — if for nothing else than t […]

Downsizing With Kids

Hi. My name is Sonja, and I am crazy. Now that you know, I can tell you that my husband and I are selling our modest cottage on half an acre to move onto a sailboat with our two small children. […]

Why Going to the Gym Is a Waste of Money, Time, and Resources

I noticed this morning that I have gained five pounds. Conventional wisdom says it's time to shell out to join a gym, or if I want to save money, dust off that jogging stroller. But what does conventional wisdom know? […]

Prizes and Freebies from CoupSmart for the iPhone

I don't usually brag about smartphone apps. There are a lot of really great money-saving iPhone apps out there, but it is truly a matter of personal taste as to which ones are absolutely a "must" to download. This week, I discovered a new app called CoupSmart when a reader alerted me to the fact that they had won $200 just for using it. […]