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Ask the Readers: How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day Frugally?

Valentine's Day is almost here! It's another one of those highly commercialized holidays, but there's no rule saying you have to break the bank to partake in this day for love. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day frugally? Do you stick with tradition — flowers, chocolate, dinner by moonlight — or do you plan something outside the heart-shaped box? […]

Best Money Tips: Master These 15 Interview Questions

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on mastering interview questions, when you will get your tax refund, and launching an online business on a budget. Top 5 Articles Master These 15 Interview Questions — When asked about your strengths and weaknesses, think back to what others have said about you to come up with answers. […]

Elevate Your Kitchen Skills With These 5 Easy Cooking Techniques

Tired of the same old cooking routine? Sure, we can break it up with the occasional "microwave" or "barbeque." However, if you are ready to try a different cooking technique, check out these five ideas. (See also: 11 Kitchen Tricks to Make You Love Cooking) 1. Poaching To poach means to simmer, gently. I have become a fan of poaching all sorts of things, lately. […]

10 Awesome Jobs You Didn't Know Existed (and How to Get Them)

There are certainly some lucrative and reliable careers to be had for those with the proper education or even just a hard-working attitude and high-school diploma. […]

5 Fun Activities to Stimulate Your Brain

If you're in a bit of a slump, it might be due to your brain being bored. Sticking to the same daily routine is like eating just white rice everyday for your noggin. It's lacking flavor and could be elevated to amazing levels with just a few basic ingredients. Playing games with your mind keeps you sharp and boosts memory retention and powers of reasoning. […]

Find Love With These Fun and Cheap First Date Ideas

You wouldn't be the first person to think that they're too poor to date. However, a killer first, second, or tenth date isn't about the money that you spend. It's about the time that you spend, both figuring out what to do and the time that you spend together. Let's face it: Even if you have the money, the old dinner and a movie standby is pretty boring. […]

10 Money-Saving Gifts to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Creating your registry is just of the the many joys of a wedding. It's an opportunity for newlyweds to fill a home with meaningful and practical stuff — and for guests to help them begin their lives together. […]

Best Money Tips: What to Buy at Drugstores

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on what to buy at drugstores, money-saving tips to afford college, and ways to protect your identity. Top 5 Articles What to Buy at Drugstores — Drugstores are the best place to buy makeup and brand name hair products. […]

These Are the 8 Most Common Homebuying Mistakes Foreclosure Experts See

As a foreclosure prevention advisor at a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved counseling agency, I see my clients suffer the consequences of their homebuying mistakes on a daily basis. Sometimes they are facing foreclosure due to the economy — job loss or pay reduction — but a lot of the time it's because they weren't prepared to buy a home. […]

13 Things You Must Inspect Before Signing a Rental Agreement

Before a renter ever signs a lease, he should be proactive about practical matters. While there may be a lot of excitement in looking at a new house or apartment and all it has to offer, it is also important to take the time to check out every aspect of your potential new home. […]