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9 Items City-Dwelling Dudes Should Keep in Their Bags

Every urban guy who counts on public transportation — and his own two feet — to get from point A to B knows that a good satchel is essential. Granted, carrying that bag around day in and day out can be a nuisance, but it’s required, if only because we no longer have the luxury of junking up the back seat of our SUVs like our suburban buddie […]

Best Money Tips: How to Be Less Shy

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to help you become less shy, ways to use up stale bread, and what not to do when you order delivery. Top 5 Articles How to Overcome Shyness — If you're usually very shy, make a point of getting out of your comfort zone. […]

Wise Bread's Best and Worst Financial Decisions in 2010

With all the rush and stress of the holidays, I find it difficult to spend my late December reflecting on the last 12 months of my life. […]

Dealing with Post-Holiday Credit Card Debt

Here we are about a month after Christmas, and the first credit card bills from the holiday season are starting to arrive. Many consumers are experiencing a little sticker shock at the extent of their overspending. […]

7 Common Investing Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Looking back on my years of investing, I notice some small and some big mistakes I’ve made along the way.  As I’ve talked to other people, I’ve found that others have made the same mistakes. In order to help you learn, I’ve complied this list of the top investing mistakes. 1. […]

6 Ways to Win Free Stuff from Blog Giveaways

Some of you may recall that I used be a hardcore sweeper. My past winnings included everything from trips to cash to a private movie screening. In the years since I wrote that article, the landscape of prize promotions has changed drastically. […]

Should a Second Marriage Be Celebrated (and Paid for) Like the First?

We recently had occasion to be in a wedding — a second wedding for the bride and groom. While I'm all about celebrating the union between two individuals, I couldn't help but question whether we really had to celebrate it with the same gusto that we did just a few years prior for this individual's first wedding. […]

Choosing Your Path to Prosperity

Let's imagine for a second that there is a contest going on where you can earn a cool $1,000,000 for finding a coin lying on the floor somewhere in a dark room. […]