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How Men and Women Use Smartphones Differently

The genders may be equal, but their smart phone usage may not be.  While there have been no readily available studies on how men and women may use their phones differently, we suspected that there had to be trends to separate the two. Here are some of our findings on the topic, taken from our recent article at My Life Scoop. […]

Save Money on Baby Goodies With Daily Deal Websites

Every parent knows that buying baby goods can wipe out a budget faster than you can say, "It's a Girl!" Setting up a nursery, buying a stroller, bottles, clothes, pacifiers, blankets, and more can cost a good chunk of change, and that's before you buy any of the everyday things, like soap, shampoo, diapers and wipes. […]

Will That Thing Really Change Your Life?

Will it make you happy? Will it bring you the endless hours of joy that you imagine when you look at it? What thing am I talking about? Well, it's different for every person, but it's usually a material possession that you dream about often. […]

What Dreams Mean About Personal Finance

Until recently, it had never occurred to me that dreams could offer insights into financial and career dilemmas. […]

The Ethics of Free: Is it Wrong to Get Free Stuff?

I love to get free stuff. Don't you? The problem with free is that it doesn't mean something is really free. It just means that someone else has paid for the product or service instead of you. Recently, I was surfing around the Wise Bread archives, and I came across a post on how to get movie rentals for free. […]

Ask the Readers: Silly Ways to Save (Chance to win $20)

***Congrats to our winners!*** Guest - I entertain myself for free on weekends by going to "grand openings" -banks, stores, and new housing developments. Usually there is food, raffles, gifts or coupons for services, and entertainment. […]

I Am Doing Well Financially. Now What?

"Eventually, you can afford to better your life." You've worked hard all your life, saving up while making sensible decisions about your finances. […]

Making Personal Finance Fun while Fighting for Financial Freedom

This is my introductory post as a WiseBread staff writer. And I must admit, coming up with a topic was somewhat of a daunting task. I've been blogging for over two and a half years over at 20somethingfinance.com, but I'm not running out of ideas. […]

Wine Pairings for Virtually Any Menu

Worried about wine pairings for your special event dinners? Not sure what to serve with roast lamb or Asian stir fry? When it comes to hosting a dinner, many people who are cool as cucumbers with the menu planning and other event details get nervous when it comes to wine pairings. […]