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This Is How You Make a Restaurant-Quality Gourmet Burger at Home

The ingredients needed to make a restaurant-quality gourmet burger at home are not quite what you would think. Yes, great beef and a great recipe are part of the formula. You also need an interesting array of quality spices and toppings. You need an artistic bent, and a flair for sauces can't hurt. But what is the secret to creating the John Q. […]

7 of the Most Innovative, Useful, and Insane Desks

While you may not think about how your desk and workspace affects your productivity, recent studies show that there are definite links between office space and output. From standing desks to a giant desk shared by everyone in the office, here are seven of the most innovative and functional desks that improve your workspace and the quality of your work. […]

9 Great Cities for Job Seekers

While the unemployment rate is slowly declining (decreasing from 7.5% to 6.3% in 12 months) some cities across the US are faring better than others when it comes to job opportunities. Based on data that includes unemployment rates, median salaries, and surveys sent to 18,000 employers by Manpower, these are our picks for best cities to find a job in the US: 1. […]

Easy Personal Finance for Lazy People

Establishing good personal finance habits requires education, determination, and a plan. It can be a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be. And laziness definitely isn't (or at least it shouldn't be) an excuse to drop the ball. Personal finance is easy if you approach it with the right frame of mind. (See also: The Five Minute Budget) Let's start! 1. […]

Ask the Readers: What Is the Best Lesson You Learned From Your Mom?

We learn so much from the people who raised us — for better or worse! With Mother's Day just around the corner, let's talk about the things we learned from mom. What is the best lesson you learned from your mom? Is it something you appreciated at the time, or did you resist as children do? […]

Best Money Tips: 7 Frugal Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on frugal ideas to celebrate Mother's Day, things beginners must know about saving for retirement, and how to fill the hours after a layoff. Top 5 Articles Don't Go Broke Celebrating Mother's Day - 7 Frugal Ideas — Opt to make dinner yourself and give mom a no work day for Mother's Day. […]

This Is How You Dress Like Don Draper on the Cheap

Looking for that 1960s look for when you head down to the office? It's a lot easier than you think. Few television shows have had such an impact on popular culture as "Mad Men." No one, so far as we know, is looking to dress like Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad." Lots of guys, however, are looking for the perfect Don Draper-esque suit or hat. […]

6 Surprising Reasons You Still Need a Travel Agent

With online travel booking becoming the norm, it may seem like there's no room left in the industry for travel agents. The number of travel agent retailers has indeed dropped from its peak of 34,000 in the mid-1990s to about 13,000. But travel agents are not yet obsolete; they still own as much as one-third of the U.S. […]

10 Reasons Why You're Not Reaching Your Goals (and How to Change That)

Whether you make goals when you crack open a new calendar or at times of self-reflection, why does achieving them often seem elusive? Here are 10 reasons why you may not be reaching your goals — and how you can overcome these obstacles, turning your goals into realities. (See also: 6 Steps to Achieving Your Goals) 1. […]

The Only 4 Things You Need to Do to Start Investing

Do you want to get rich through investing one day? Do you think it's even possible? Well, it is. And the best part about investing is that it's simple. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it's also not rocket science. I'm going to show you four simple and actionable steps you can take. After reading this article, you'll be able to just follow the directions and start investing right away. […]