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7 Modern Ways to Send Money to Your Kid

As a father of three boys, I know that it's only a matter of time until they start asking me for money. Whether it's for a toy for a toddler, a movie ticket for a teen, or a college tuition payment for a young adult, kids often need an extra hand from their parents. Fortunately, we have come a... […]

The 8 Shopping Apps That'll Actually Save You Money in 2016

Mobile technology is an amazing thing, especially when used to save us money. Here are eight free shopping apps, for both iOS and Android, that will help save you big in 2016. Play around with a few of these to find what works best for you and your busy life. 1. Ibotta Ibotta lets you earn cash... […]

Best Money Tips: Loyalty Programs You've Never Heard Of

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found customer loyalty programs you’ve never heard of, overlooked expenses that ruin your budget, and cheap ways to treat yourself. Top 5 Articles Ten customer loyalty programs you've never heard of — Taco Bell Explore is a new... […]

8 Smart and Fun Things You Could Do if You Paid Less Rent

Paying rent is one of life's necessary evils. And you have to toil away to cover the cost of your too-small dwelling that seems to always need the Super to fix something. But let's think happy thoughts. What would you do, in a perfect world, if you paid less rent? Here are eight smart and fun... […]

5 Sobering Facts About Credit Card Debt

Credit cards can be very convenient. With minimal effort, you can access a sizable amount of credit to buy anything you wish. Plus, they enable you to handle almost any expense that pops up, even costly ones such as vehicle repairs, urgent home maintenance, or medical emergencies. So, what's the... […]

12 Lessons in Manners From Around the World

"Mind your manners" is an expression many of us heard while we were growing up. But depending on where you're from, those manners can vary greatly. Recently, my kids were watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and pointed out that it was "disgusting" when the guests... […]

6 Ways to Resist a Splurge

If you went into debt buying gifts for the holidays, the time has come to pay that money back. What's more insidious than that, is the fact that most of us get used to spending over the holidays. We buy special gifts, special meals, special tickets, and more. But come January, most of us need to... […]

Best Money Tips: 20 Things You Should Never Buy at Full Price

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found the 20 things you should never buy at full price, some research on the dirtiest hotels in America, and adventurous ways to make money during a snowstorm. Top 5 Articles 20 Products and Services You Should Never Buy at Full Price... […]

Flashback Friday: 39 Inspiring Stories and Tips to Help You Beat Debt

Having debt sucks. It weighs on you like a metaphorical stack of bricks piled high on each shoulder, pushing you closer to a pit of despair with every minimum-only payment made. Of course, having some debt is good for your credit, and helps to build a solid credit history, but most debt is just... […]

7 Smart Ways to Save on a Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is a tiny part of your new life with your beloved, but it's one that can cause a lot of stress. Between booking a venue and getting all the details in place, it's easy for an engagement to bring on anxiety rather than joy. What if you fall in love with a dress you can't afford?... […]