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Snow Patrol: Winter Driving Safety Kit Must-Haves

I grew up in the Midwest, where winter preparedness is something between a religion and a science. Midwest winters are a combination of unpredictability, brutal temperatures, and roads paved with black ice. Having the proper winter gear for our cars isn’t just about avoiding inconvenience; it’s about survival, and there are a few essentials we think every driver should have. […]

Best Money Tips: Save when Having a New Baby

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to save when having a new baby, saving cash with your credit card, and how to be a better investor. Top 5 Articles How to Save when Having a New Baby — Save money when having a new baby by buying a car seat that faces both forwards and backwards. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Use Online Banking?

Technology makes it possible to do almost everything online. From ordering groceries to buying books to paying your bills, you can rely on the Internet for almost anything. While most people have switched over to online banking, there are still people out there who opt to continue getting bank statements in the mail. Do you use online banking? […]

25 Ways to Make Money Today

Looking for a little extra cash until payday comes around? Want to make some money to save up for a shiny new thing, a vacation, or maybe just something to put away for a rainy day? Well, I did a quick survey of my friends, family, and some Wise Bread regulars and compiled this list of 25 ways to quickly make money. […]

You Are What You Do: 16 Ways to Improve Your Body Language

What you say is only the tip of the iceberg of communication. The rest lies in your body language: how you hold yourself, your mannerisms, conduct, and even how you breathe. With a little conscious effort to improve your body language, you stand a better chance of scoring that job, that date, or simply being seen as the engaging and genuine person that you are. […]

Best Money Tips: Save Money on a Car

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on saving money on a car, making money in your free time, and how to get lower prices on everything. Top 5 Articles 6 Tips for Saving Money On a Car — Save money when you buy a car by paying cash. […]

What NOT to Hand Out on Halloween

I am that neighbor who turns off her lights and closes the curtains, hoping the kids won't hear the movie I'm watching blaring inside. It's not that I'm a stingy person, or that I'm some crank who hates holidays focused on kids. […]

Effort vs. Results: The Difference Between Trying and Getting It Done

It's great to see an employee giving his or her best on a project, but it's all for naught if you aren't getting the right results. Effort is one of those things that a lot of young people are confused by — how can they be faulted if they didn't get the results that were expected of them when they put in 110% of their effort? […]

13 Halloween Drink Recipes to Scare Up Good Times

Double, double, toil and trouble, looking for drinks that fizz and bubble? Instead of offering soda and standard spirits to your petrified party guests, go the extra mile to serve up hair-raising Halloween concoctions. These magical and easy-to-make mixed-drink recipes include cocktails for grown-ups as well as under-age options for little ghouls who prefer goblin juice over grape juice. […]

Best Money Tips: Shrink Your Medical Bills

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on shrinking your medical bills, building a fun fund, and saving money on makeup. Top 5 Articles 9 Secrets to Shrinking Your Medical Bills — Shrink your medical bills by getting a flu shot at your local health department. […]