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31 Reasons Why I'm in Love With Thrift Shopping (and You Should Be Too)

I realize I'm a strange animal. My palms tingle a little bit when I approach a thrift store. All my senses sharpen. The rest of the world fades into watercolor tones and muffled sounds. I can park, grab my wallet, hop out, and lock my car in a single fluid Matrix-inspired movement. Once inside, I can size up a thrift store in seconds: Who's the serious competition and who's just browsing? […]

How I Saved $30,000 and Helped the Earth at the Same Time

Over seven years ago, I joined The Compact out of green guilt (and because everything I do in my life has to be a dare). In brief, The Compact is an environmental movement that challenges members to step away from the consumer grid and take as few new resources out of the planet as possible for one calendar year. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Still Shop at the Local Mall?

Shopping malls used to be most everyone's one-drive retail stop; you can spend a whole afternoon shopping at a dozen stores, and you only need to park once. […]

13 "Bad" Habits That Are Actually Good for You

Humans are creatures of habit. Although it can take us a while to form these mental pathways, once they're carved out, it's extremely hard to deviate from them. As a species we spend millions of dollars each year trying to break bad habits or deal with their side effects. The funny thing is, many of the practices we've vilified don't live up to their evil reputations. […]

Best Money Tips: Things You Must Do This June For a Better Rest of the Year

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on things you must do for a better rest of the year, gift ideas for teachers, and extending the life of your car. Top 5 Articles 7 Things You Must Do This June for a Better Rest of the Year — This month, take the time to track your work achievements and assess your living situation. […]

You Won't Believe How Much These 10 Rare Coins Are Worth

Coin collecting can be a nice little hobby or a major investment. Some people devote their lives, and their wealth, to investing in these coins that can fetch millions of dollars at auction. And while this is almost certainly out of the realm of possibility for most of us, the idea of one day coming across a rare coin by chance is a tantalizing prospect. What if? […]

Science Shows You Need to Work Less — Here's Why

Have you heard about the new labor laws in France? They've limited when employees can receive and respond to work-related emails, hoping to give most workers more true leisure time. And then there's the six-hour work days in Sweden. To anyone who doesn't have those job perks, they sound like a dream. […]

Best Money Tips: Beat the High Cost of Air Conditioning

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on beating the high cost of air conditioning, rules for buying a wedding gift, and what to do after a car accident. Top 5 Articles 21 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Air Conditioning — To beat the high cost of air conditioning, change AC filters monthly and insulate the attic. […]

9 Things You're Paying Too Much for Around the House (And How to Pay Less)

If you're looking to trim your monthly budget, a quick peek around the house might uncover several things that you're paying too much for. Some people complain that they never have cash. The problem, however, may not be too little cash — but rather not knowing the right ways to stretch their dollars. […]

Jack Bauer Never Buys Anything — How TVs Frugalest Characters Get by With Less

Saving is not a common trait among television characters. It's more common to see people spending money on frivolous goods than using a coupon. But there are a number of television characters that appear to having the saving money thing down pat. (See also: 8 Surprising Life and Finance Lessons From Will Ferrell) Here's a look at nine television characters who wave their thrifty flag proudly. 1. […]