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Best Money Tips: 9 New Uses for your Old iPhone

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you 9 ways to upgrade your old iphone, some inspiration for stopping "stupid" work, and clever ways to use up a wine windfall! Top 5 Articles 9 New Uses for your Old iPhone — Looking to get version 4 of the iPhone? Consider upgrading your old model first. […]

Ask the Readers: What Makes You a Cheapskate?

**This giveaway has been extended until July 12th ** Remember when the title "cheapskate" had a negative ring to it? Thanks to people like Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate and author of the new book The Cheapskate Next Door, it's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you can now wear your cheapskate badge with pride! […]

How to Split Food Expenses With a Significant Other

ShareThisWhen couples first start living together, a lot of questions about money arise that you don't really think about when you're living on your own. For example, who pays for grocery and food costs? When you're living on your own, you buy groceries maybe once a week and pay for yourself when you're at a restaurant. Simple. […]

Making Your First Paycheck Work for You

Getting your first post-graduation paycheck can be exciting and unnerving. In theory, you know that your take-home pay and discretionary income will be far less than the salary (or wages) quoted by human resources. But seeing the paycheck with deductions subtracted can still be a surprise. […]

Book Review - The Cheapskate Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of Americans Living Happily Below Their Means

The Cheapskate Next Door is Jeff Yeager's sequel to The Ultimate Cheapskate's Roadmap to True Riches. In this new book, Yeager takes a bicycle tour across America and meets many like minded people. I haven't actually read Jeff Yeager's first book, but I am familiar with his writing on Wise Bread and the Early Retirement forums. […]

Paying for Packaging: It's Time to Stop

Next time you take a walk through the grocery store, take a look at the packaging — especially on relatively expensive items. Any item with a lot of packaging always costs more than its counterpart without. Hamburger Helper offers a great example: not only does it come in a box, but there are packets within the box. […]

3 Ways to Save Money on Maternity Dresses

When you're pregnant, getting dressed can be a real nightmare. With all the changes your body is going through, getting dressed in the morning takes on a whole new dimension. […]

What Does Frugal Living Mean to You?

Let me ask you this. If your friend recently bought a $1 million dollar house, is that an act of frugality? What if she could actually buy a house worth $10 million but decided to spend only 1/10 of what she could really afford? Does that change your answer? […]

America's 10 Favorite Bosses

Link:  http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/managing/article/americas-10-favorite-b... ShareThisGlassdoor recently took a survey of employees of some of the most popular companies, asking workers what they thought of the way their bosses were running the company. […]