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8 Reasons to Buy Local (Even If It Costs a Little More)

When I was a kid, the small Midwestern town I called home had three hardware stores, three clothing stores, two shoe stores, two jewelers, and a bookshop. Each one of those businesses is gone now and a single mammoth department store has taken their place. As we complain about the hollowing out of... […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Working From Home

You've finally done it: You've landed a work-from-home job. No more daily commute to the office. No more being distracted by the office gossip. And no more interruptions in the middle of your workday to celebrate the fifth office birthday of the month. Yes, working from home can alleviate much of... […]

15 Surprisingly Valuable Uses for a Penny

Here's a quick fact for you: it costs more to make a penny than a penny is actually worth. The Government Accountability Office states that it costs 1.7 cents to make a one-cent penny. The reason is rising metal prices. This probably means the venerable penny will not be around for much longer, as... […]

Automatic Savings: Highlights from Our Chat With America Saves

In honor of America Saves Week, we had the privilege of having America Saves join us for our #WBChat on February 25th! Our #ASW2016 #WBChat featured useful information about automatic savings and America Saves had invaluable expertise to share with our chatters. In total we had 118 participants,... […]

5 Off-Season Foods That Are Destroying Your Grocery Budget

Maybe you get a craving for strawberries in the dead of winter, or fresh tomatoes in early spring. While you can most likely find these items at your grocery store year-round, prices (and not to mention taste) will fluctuate greatly based on the season. In particular, these five off-season fruits... […]

Flashback Friday: The 118 Best Beauty Hacks of All Time

Looking your best is a skill that is slowly perfected over many years. Most beauty tricks we learn through jumping on bold trends, embracing what works, and learning from our own heinous beauty blunders. It takes time, but the end result is worth the wait, because by a certain age, you know how to... […]

4 Coupon Rules That Stores Let You Break

Coupons are awesome tools for saving money when they work exactly as advertised. But what happens when the coupon burning a hole in your pocket turns out to be expired, chock full of exclusions, or beset with a quantity discount? Fortunately, if you know the couponing rules you can bend, you still... […]

Best Money Tips: Grow Your Net Worth by $100k in 5 Years

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on growing your net worth by $100k in 5 years, stress-reducing rituals, and the right way to brag. Top 5 Articles How to Grow Your Net Worth by $100k in the Next Five Years — For starters, you can increase your... […]

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Finances Before Retirement

If retirement is only a few years down the road, hopefully you already have the right retirement savings in place. And nothing can beat a well-funded retirement account that was started early in your career. There are a few more moves you can make before you close the door on your career for good,... […]

33 Places to Retire If You Love the Rain

When contemplating places to retire, several things need to get crossed off your list. First, it needs to be affordable, because you'll likely be relying on less income. Next, you have to factor in favorable tax considerations for real property and your sources of income. Finally, you have to want... […]