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26 Unexpected Uses for Aluminum Foil

I am an aluminum foil trafficker. Whenever I travel to Italy, my American ex-pat friends bribe me with free housing and gelato in exchange for aluminum foil. Aluminum foil, along with ultra-absorbency tampons and decent Mexican food, are not sold anywhere in Italy. And, just like decent feminine... […]

12 Cool Ways to Make Treasure Out of Trash

Before you drag your garbage and recycling to the curb, read this article! There's so much you can do with an old jar, can, or cardboard box. All you need to do is clean it up and get creative. Here are 12 crafty projects that will literally turn your trash into treasures. (See also: 15 Ways to... […]

8 Times to Avoid Dividend Stocks

Dividends, which are quarterly payments made by companies to shareholders, can be a very cool thing. Who doesn't love the idea of getting free money just for owning a stock? Shares of companies with solid dividends can be an important part of any investment portfolio, and some of the nation's most... […]

5 More Fun, Affordable Train Trips

Trains are not only a huge part of our history and economy, but they make for relaxing and scenic travel. We last gave you five enjoyable and reasonably priced train trips for the summer. Now, try going on one of these five additional fun, affordable train trips this fall. 1. Cross Country:... […]

The 5 Best BB Creams

BB creams are the perfect solution for any busy woman on the go. It is a multitasker and all-in-one cream that can provide light coverage and a number of benefits to your skin. It can help streamline your morning routine so you look and feel your very best without having to spend much time. If... […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thursday 9/17, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win one of two $10 Amazon GCs! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Dining out frugally! Learn about what you shouldn't order when dining out, using social media to say on your meal, and... […]

Priority Treatment: Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

Airline rewards cards are among the most popular rewards credit cards on the market, offering valuable flight and airline benefits as well as an opportunity to earn miles with each purchase that can be redeemed for award tickets. The Delta SkyMiles credit cards are especially popular, not only... […]

The 6 Best Vacation Deal Websites

Planning a vacation can be exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming if you don't know where to look. That's why we've covered some of the best places to find vacation deals online. 1. AAA Travel Services If you are an AAA member, you know that great deals and... […]

Best Money Tips: How to Cook Dinner in Your Dishwasher

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on a way to cook food in your dishwasher, dorm décor ideas for students, and how to be a thrifty cat owner. Top 5 Articles Yes, You Can Cook Dinner in the Dishwasher — Learn how to make wine-poached shrimp... […]

7 Times It's Okay to Raid Your 529 Plan

A 529 plan is a great way to save for college. Money can grow tax-free if it's used for qualified education expenses, and many states offer great tax deductions on contributions. Generally speaking, it's best to avoid tapping into your 529 plan until the beneficiary goes off to school, because... […]