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Your Finances: 4 Emotional Decisions to Avoid

Personal finance concepts are generally straightforward and simple, but some people struggle with building a solid financial foundation when emotions get involved. Here are four ways people often act emotionally instead of logically that you should watch out for. […]

20 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

Some guys are notoriously difficult to shop for. I’m sure you have one of these guys in your life. He almost never WANTS anything. And when he does want something, he is so picky that you’re afraid you’ll buy the wrong thing. Or he’s already got so many gadgets and toys that finding something new that he’ll like is a challenge to your creativity. So what do you get for the guy who has everything? […]

Best Money Tips: Steps to Being Happy

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on steps to being happy, avoiding December debt, and strategies to maximize credit card rewards. Top 5 Articles 8 Steps to Being Happy Without Spending a Dime — Be happy without spending a dime by surrounding yourself with positivity. […]

How Much Should You Spend on Auto Insurance?

If you think you spend too much on auto insurance, you aren’t alone. Virtually all of us have felt this way before. Yet our feelings are typically directed at insurance company greed (“they charge me too much!”) rather than ourselves. This is ironic, because insurance companies are some of the most transparent, numbers-based businesses of all. […]

Which Frequent Flier Program Has the Best Awards Availability?

Frequent flier miles were once a fun commodity. I would collect and redeem them for free flights like punches in a frequent diner card at my local sandwich shop. Today, airline miles are a controversial subject as too many travelers have felt burned when they have found their earned miles to be virtually unusable for awards at the lowest redemption levels. […]

Haircuts to Dentistry and More: Get Low-Cost Services From Students

You need your teeth cleaned. You need a haircut. You really want a massage to get rid of the tightness in your back and shoulders. You don’t, however, have the scratch to make any of this happen. What you might not know is that a surprising number of services can be had on the cheap by getting them from students rather than accomplished masters of the trade. […]

Best Money Tips: Facts Your Doctor Won't Tell You

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on facts your doctor won't tell you, tips to avoid problems at the airport, and ways to stop wasting money. Top 5 Articles 7 Facts Your Doctor Won't Tell You — One thing your doctor may not tell you is that if you are over 65, he or she may not be able to help you. […]

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Running Longer

If you’ve ever owned a car for several years — or just driven one that’s several years old — you know that it takes some work to keep it running. The good news is, how often your car breaks down and how much those repairs cost you are largely within your control. Here’s a quick rundown on how to keep your car on the road — and more money in your pocket. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Have a Holiday Shopping Budget?

It’s time to start thinking about getting your holiday shopping done! Shopping for the holidays can be a huge drain on anyone’s bank account. While many people create a budget to follow when they holiday shop, others prefer to spend first and worry later. Do you have a holiday shopping budget? […]