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Roll, Don't Fold (and 10 Other Tricks for Packing Fast)

Packing for a trip can be daunting and tedious. I usually wait until the very last minute to do it. While packing last minute can add stress to the situation it does provide a few benefits, too. Namely, I'm forced to concentrate on the task at hand. (See also: Vacation Hack: 7 Tips for Single Bag Travel) When it comes to packing fast the key is all in the preparation. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Monday 08/26

Free App of the Day: Handy Note Pro - Ready to use predefined planner, diary, meeting minutes, class notes and multiple different templates. […]

4 Brain Hacks for Better Investment Decisions

When it comes to investing, we all know what we should do: invest money early in our careers, so compound interest can do its magic; buy low and sell high; and avoid anything that sounds too good to be true. (See also: 4 Quick Ways to Decide if a Company Is Worth Your Investment) Unfortunately, just because we know what we should be doing doesn't mean we're any good at doing it. […]

Best Money Tips: Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on back-to-school clothes shopping tips, protecting your identity, and building a LinkedIn profile that will help you get a job. Top 5 Articles 17 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips to Save Money on Kids — To save money on back-to-school clothes shopping, opt for a clothing swap or look on eBay. […]

Can FabFitFun's VIP Box Fit Into Your Life?

How would you like a celebrity to pick out your beauty arsenal? That's what you get with FabFitFun's VIP box. About FabFitFun FabFitFun is partnered with E! News host, reality star, and author Giuliana Rancic. From the site's About page: FFF aims to motivate, inspire and excite readers with a slew of great, healthy resources for every kind of woman — from the new college student to the new mom. […]

Food Safety Reminder: Rinsing the Bird Is Bad for Your Health

Jennifer Quinlan, a food safety scientist at Drexel University, and the media production folks at New Mexico State University have produced a series of informative, and weirdly entertaining, videos and print ads that remind us to stop rinsing chicken before cooking. Contrary to what most of us believe, rinsing before cooking does not remove harmful bacteria or reduce the risk of food borne illnes […]

A Better Way to Rank America's Colleges

Update: A Better Way to Rank America's Colleges Following up on its ranking of "America's Best Bang for the Buck Colleges" (see below), Washington Monthly has released its much broader "National University Rankings." In addition to the cost and affordability factors of the previous list, this list adds such criteria as "Research" and "Service," with the goal of identifying institutions that best s […]

ReFi Shy? How to Determine If Now Is the Time to Refinance

It appears the bargain basement mortgage rates that have been part of the economy since the Great Recession may slowly be slipping away. And as rates tick higher, many homeowners are beginning to wonder if the moment has passed to refinance. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Friday 08/23

Free App of the Day: Joining Hands Enter the Whispering Woods and meet the Peablins. They are curious little creatures who share a common belief: hold hands with your friends and the Bogeyman won't take you. […]

How to Slow Down Your Fast-Paced Life

Sometimes, stress can be a good thing, but when healthy, everyday pressure turns into can't-slow-down anxiety, it's time to reevaluate. If you're struggling to keep up with your action-packed schedule and can't seem to calm down, don't worry. With a few quick changes, you can shift your priorities and learn to relax. […]