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11 Affordable Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer's not over yet! For most, the arrival of this season marks the start of sweltering-hot weather. Not all of us can install expensive cooling systems in our homes, so here are a couple ways to beat the heat on the cheap. RELATED: Get Crafty This Summer With 26 Simple DIYs 1. Cool Treats Keep cool in the summer by indulging in icy treats and cold drinks. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Score a Raise

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on ways to score a raise, how to never make a late payment again, and paying off student loans smarter and sooner. Top 5 Articles 14 Tried and Tested Ways That Will Score You a Raise — If you want a raise, approach the conversation like an interview and have a number in mind. […]

The Best Times of Year to Travel Anywhere

Sometimes, it's a bit of a hassle getting a trip together. Whether it be work, school, or social schedules, a family planning on traveling domestically or abroad may find it impossible to do so. […]

7 Weird Ways to Keep You and Your Stuff Safe

We've got home security systems and car alarms and bike locks. Yet our belongings still get stolen from time to time. When the mainstream anti-theft devices just aren't cutting it, it may be time to get creative. (See also: Can't Afford a Home Alarm System? You Probably Already Have One) Read on for our roundup of the top seven outside-the-box things you can do to protect your assets. 1. […]

6 Ways Debt Settlement Can Leave You Deeper in Debt (Even With Trustworthy Companies)

Late night TV ads and radio ads promise that you can obtain debt relief, paying "pennies on the dollar" for what you owe to creditors. These ads are for debt settlement, a process designed to convince creditors to accept a lump sum payment for less than you owe them. Your account is closed and considered paid off, and you no longer have onerous debt payments. […]

You're Doing It Wrong: 6 Health and Fitness Rules That Have Changed

Health. It's all-encompassing, and paying attention to the rules as they change with time is certainly smart if you want to live the best life possible. But since that can be a full time exercise routine itself, we've rounded up six recent guidelines for you to consider — and we'd love to hear what new health rules you're following these days. 1. […]

The 5 Best Pillows

Having the right pillow can mean the difference between waking up in the morning well-rested and ready for the day, or groggy and with a sore neck. When purchasing a pillow to sleep on, there are a number of different factors to consider. […]

Replace These 8 Luxury Buys With Their Cheaper, Better Alternatives

Does the price of an item really determine its quality? Well, this depends on who you ask and what you're buying. (See also: How to Have an Above Average Life for Below Average Prices) As a savvy shopper, I believe that paying more for certain items is a better buy. […]

Best Money Tips: Saving on Designer Wear

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving on designer wear, cleaning without cleaning, and re-evaluating financial priorities. Top 5 Articles Saving on Designer Wear — Making use of coupons and focusing on style instead of brand can help you save on designer wear. […]

This One Easy Strategy Will Lead to Better Decisions

Decisions… decisions… decisions. Every day, we are given the opportunity to make choices, from what to eat for breakfast to whether or not to accept a job offer. Yet sometimes making a decision feels more like a burden than a gift. Do you struggle with decision-making? If so, the "try-on-the-alternatives" strategy might help. […]