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Best Money Tips: Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on unusual ways to make money, maximizing a small home or apartment, and conversations when caring for elderly parents. Top 5 Articles 22 Odd and Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money — Did you know you can make extra money rounding up scrap metal or becoming a translator? […]

Is Your Doctor Helping or Hurting? This Is How to Find Out

Recently, I made the difficult decision to leave my primary care physician of nearly 20 years. Finding a replacement seemed daunting. But some digital sleuthing and real-life conversations helped me with this process. At our first meeting, my newly vetted physician quickly resolved nagging problems, showing me that mutual understanding can happen even in young relationships. […]

The Best and Worst Times to Go Grocery Shopping

We've all experienced this: You need two or three items for dinner tonight, so you make a quick run to the grocery store — only to walk out 40 minutes later with 10 items you hadn't planned on buying. What happened in that "quick" trip to the store? […]

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll — And Other Surprisingly Healthy Activities

So much of what we read about health revolves around the stuff we should be doing, ways to change our diet and exercise routines, and similar tips and tricks. Well, I'm here to give us all a big pat on the back for those activities we're already engaging in on a daily basis that contribute to overall wellness. Here are some things you're already doing to improve your health. […]

7 Ways Immaturity Can Make You Happier and More Successful

Imagine what it would be like if life was a grand adventure and you were an intrepid explorer. For children, this is life every day. By their very nature, kids approach the world with genuine curiosity and are able to delight in the possibilities of what's waiting just over the horizon. […]

14 Things Insurance Agents Don't Want You to Know

Ignorance is bliss. The less that you know about how insurance works, the happier insurance agents are. As friendly as geckos, generals, cavemen, and ducks may look on TV, you shouldn't forget that insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry. These companies are out there to make money. […]

NEW Discover It Chrome Card: No Fuss Rewards

When the Discover it card hit the scene, it made waves with hype from their marketing campaign. It offered 5% cash back on special rotating categories, as well as a shopping portal that promised 5%-20% cash back at popular stores. They've just released the Discover it chrome. […]

7 Weird Money Laws You May Have Broken

Money can make people do strange things. But what about when money laws themselves are beyond comprehension? From bizarre tax systems at home to monarchy-imposed oddities abroad, the world is full of some very odd laws governing the spending and collecting of money. Lucky for you, this list of them is free. 1. Don't Step Thailand's king is featured prominently on all the country's currency. […]

Laser vs. Inkjet: Choosing the Wrong Printer Could Cost You

Costing more than luxury perfumes and high-end alcohol, printer ink is probably the most expensive liquid per volume that you buy. Consumers deride the high cost of printer ink yet accept it as a necessary evil. It seems as though we have no other choice but to plunk down big bucks on cartridges that seem to evaporate overnight, right? […]

Best Money Tips: Save on the Cost of College

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on saving on the cost of college, how to hide resume flaws, and things you must know about your future spouse's finances. Top 5 Articles 7 Ways to Save on the Cost of College — To save on the cost of college, apply for scholarships and graduate quickly. […]