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4 Powerful Smartphones That Aren't Overpriced

Smartphones have just about become a necessity in our daily lives. With the big manufacturers releasing a better, faster, more powerful handset nearly every year, consumers shell out a fortune to keep up with the Joneses. The marketing strategists behind tech giants like Apple and Samsung invest heavily to ensure their latest devices are ogled for their sexy design and performance prowess. […]

10 Essential Travel Items You Forgot to Pack

Sponsored by Skype — Use Skype Credit to call mobiles and landlines home and abroad at low rates. You know you should pack clothes, toiletries and chargers when you travel. Other travel essentials are less obvious, but just as important. Simply having the right items can help drive down your travel costs and keep you comfortable. 1. […]

50 Ways to Save Money on Clothing

Looking to refresh your spring wardrobe? It's only natural to want a few new things as the seasons (and your tastes) change. If you're on a tight budget like me, though, you need to watch every penny. Check out these 50 money-saving tips before heading to the store. (See also: Update Your Spring Wardrobe Frugally) 1. Shop Your Closet Take stock of what you already have hiding out in your closets. […]

25 Delicious and Easy One-Pot Meals

Ah, the one-pot dinner. In all honesty, based on a past filled with disappointments (too-chewy pasta, hard rice, tough tortillas) I had been avoiding them. However, due to a schedule change at work, I realized that for the weeks ahead I would need to be able to put dinner on the table more quickly. Also, since our dinner hour would be later, I would need to spend less time cleaning up afterward. […]

Best Money Tips: Raise Money-Smart Kids

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on rearing money-smart kids, cultivating your X-factor, and making life insurance more affordable. Top 5 Articles How to rear money-smart kids — Teaching kids the difference between wants and needs can help them become money-smart. […]

15 Easy Ways to Save for Your Dream Vacation

You've worked hard over the years, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labor. For that matter, the vacation of a lifetime might top your list of things to do. But after doing the math, a dream vacation can seem impossible. (See also: Vacation Destinations That Stretch Your Dollar) However, don't immediately push the thought aside. […]

It's 10 pm: Do You Know Where Your Net Worth Is?

Have you ever wondered how you're doing financially compared to others? If you're like me, it's pretty hard to pass on those articles that show the average earnings of U.S. workers by occupation type. Usually my first thoughts are: Am I doing better than others in my field?   Which occupations tend to pay more? […]

Can You Really Afford to Live in Your Dream City?

It finally happened. You've been offered a job in the city of your dreams. Or you're coming up on retirement. Or you're just sick and tired of the Midwest winters. Before packing up your belongings, however, consider these five factors to avoid having your dream move turn into a financial nightmare. […]

8 Smart Ways to Save Money as a Small Business

Sponsored by Skype — Use Skype Credit to call mobiles and landlines home and abroad at low rates. It’s tough out there for a small business. When you’re running your business on a shoestring and grit, you need to save money wherever you can. The good news is that technology makes it possible for you to run a viable small business without a huge cost. […]