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5 College Degrees With the Highest ROI

The first two things people usually want to know when you tell them you're making preparations for college are your intended school and major. Sure, they're curious to learn more about what you're interested in studying. But it's also because these are two of the main factors in determining your... […]

How Credit Card Issuers Classify Your Purchases For Bonus Rewards

We've all seen credit cards that offer bonus rewards for specific categories of purchases such as "dining" or "entertainment," but how do you know which purchases will qualify? For example, if you go to a nightclub and order a drink, is that considered to be a dining or an... […]

Best Money Tips: 22 Clever New Uses for Your Tools

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles clever new uses for your tools, reasons why you’re addicted to Facebook, and ways that decluttering will improve your health. Top 5 Articles 22 Clever New Uses for Your Tools — Try using a flexible... […]

22 Cheap Ways to Keep Cool During the Hottest Month of the Year

When the mercury rises, employ these cheap cooling tactics to effectively beat the heat. 1. Black Out Your Home Windows First semester of my freshman year of college, I only had two days of classes. Yep, my full schedule was packed into Tuesdays and Thursdays, which left me with five days a week... […]

31 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Veggies

Summer doesn't just bring fun and sun, it also brings a bounty of fresh veggies like corn, tomatoes, and squash. It's arguably the best time of year for vegetable lovers, and it'd be a crying shame if you didn't take full advantage of it. The following 31 recipes should get you... […]

When You Should Get A Business Credit Card Over a Consumer Card

If you have a business, it’s worth considering a small business credit card. In some cases, the rewards and benefits mirror their consumer cards with little to no difference. In others though, the rewards offered by the small business card can be significant. And regardless of the rewards... […]

4 Sneaky Investment Fees to Watch For

Everybody is looking for the next hot stock or mutual fund. But we should be paying closer attention to the fees of the investments that we already own. For example, nine in 10 Americans underestimate the fees of their 401(k) plans. This means that many of us are paying too much for our... […]

17 Things You Should Never Skimp on for Safety Reasons

Every year, bad financial decisions kill or injure millions of people. While we can all stand back and shake our heads at cheapskate Darwin Award winners, poverty, poor planning, or straight up lack of awareness put many people in harm's way. Are you cutting corners that shouldn't be cut? 1. Cab... […]

6 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Employees

Despite what many believe, introverts are not shy, weird nerds. Introverted people can be found across a range of professions, making ample contributions in nearly every field of human endeavor. And introverts also possess certain traits that can make them valuable additions to any workplace. It's... […]

No Fees and Unlimited Miles: Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

There are many travel rewards cards available that offer valuable rewards for your purchases. However, most of those rewards focus on specific categories of spending, and redemption may be limited to specific airlines or hotels. If you want a more flexible travel rewards card that offers valuable... […]