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7 Decisions That Seem OK Now, but Might Ruin Your Finances Later

No matter how hard they try, some people can't get out of the financial hole they've created. This might be due to financial circumstances beyond their control, such as a job loss or medical debt. But a lot of times, financial worries are the direct result of poor choices. Some decisions can have disastrous financial consequences, but there are ways to avert these setbacks. […]

5 New Income Streams Anyone Can Create

If money were water, your income would be the fresh mountain spring… the source of your spending power. This income "stream" could be your answer to financial independence. So, how do we tap into this spring? Here is a list of potential new income streams anyone can create (or find). 1. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Relax After a Long Day?

For most of us, our days are filled with timers, to-do lists, and requests or demands from people all around. It's important to take some time for ourselves and relax, especially at the end of a stressful day. How do you relax after a long day? Do you have any nightly rituals that help you unwind? […]

Best Money Tips: Pack These Travel Essentials to Save Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on travel essentials to pack to save money, car care tips to save money, and DIY financial tasks you should never do. Top 5 Articles Pack These 9 Travel Essentials to Save Money — Bandaids and vaseline are just a couple essentials you should pack when you are traveling. […]

25+ Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Brighter, Whiter, and Lasting Longer

Just about every article ever written about dressing well on a budget extols the virtue of buying timeless, classic wardrobe staples that can be worn year after year. What is always left out of those articles, however, is how to keep those garments looking timeless, and not completely worn out and faded after one season of wearing. […]

21 Frugal Ways to Make All Your Outfits Look Awesome

Looking like a million bucks doesn't necessarily have to cost that much. These simple and easy tricks can be integrated to your #ootd (outfit of the day) routine to make a vibrant statement with just a few snips and clips, using the wardrobe you already have. […]

7 Ways to Get Your Life Back Into Balance

Most of us feel like we are overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and stretched way too thin. Our to-do lists are never ending and our sense of accomplishment is never satiated. We are, it seems, endlessly searching for a "fix" that just doesn't exist. And it's keeping us from achieving that balance we know we need. But what exactly is balance? Working less and playing more? […]

17 Cheap and Awesome Reusable Replacements for Disposable Products

The average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste every day, and well over half of this waste (about 220 million tons) ends up in a landfill. Not only is this rate of trash production terrible for the planet, it wastes lots of your hard-earned money. While that single-use item or throw-away packaging feels convenient, disposable items are the same as throwing money in the trash. […]

The 5 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice Your Friends Give You

We all love our friends. That's why we keep them around. It's always good to have other voices and perspectives in our lives, letting us know when we're doing well, walking a fine line, or just plain wrong. Sometimes, our friends are a valuable source of wisdom in our life. But let's be honest. Sometimes our friends give bad advice. […]

121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

Just because you're strapped for cash doesn't mean you can't have any fun. Whether you enjoy being outdoors or would rather kick back at home, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Not only will you stay on your target budget, but you'll still have a guaranteed good time! […]