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8 Fun and Cheap Things to Do During the Weekday

A Wise Bread reader recently asked us what are some fun and frugal things to do during the day, since she works at night. Since I quit my day job, I have found that there are many things in my community happening during the weekday when most people are at work. Here are some of my suggestions. 1. […]

Best Money Tips: The Credit Edition

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today, we are bringing you some of the best articles about all things credit! Top 5 Articles How to Get the Most from Reward Credit Cards — To maximize your credit card rewards, don't carry a balance on your rewards card. […]

15 Perfect Puff Pastry Recipes

In order to pull off fine food in a hurry, it’s important to have a few gourmet tricks. That’s where keeping some puff pastry on hand comes into play. It adds gourmet goodness to your meal preparation, and it cooks in jiffy. There are even vegan puff pastry options, according to this article from PETA’s web site. Here are fifteen phenomenal recipe ideas for this time-saving food. […]

25 Frugal Ways to "Pay It Forward"

We’ve all seen the movie where little Haley Joel Osment starts a movement that compels others to commit random acts of kindness. And after we watched “Pay It Forward,” we were all like, "I totally want to do that" — except we never did. Now’s your chance. Here are 25 small, inexpensive ways you can do something nice for someone you know — or a stranger, even. […]

How to Beat Grocery Price Increases

If you're on a tight budget, hearing about a rise in gas prices and a rise in grocery prices might give you an identical swell of dread. But the two are actually very different. When gas prices go up, many people have no choice but to pay more. But when grocery prices increase — as they are expected to in 2013 — there are lots of strategies you can use to avoid increasing your spending. […]

Best Money Tips: Spend Less on Eating In

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on spending less on eating in, cheap ways to beat stress, and things wealthy people do differently. Top 5 Articles 11 Tips To Spend Less On Eating In — Spend less when eating in by using leftovers for lunch and freezing your food. […]

How Much It Costs to Own a Dog

I grew up in a dog-loving family — we always had at least one dog, if not two. Because of this, I never considered not owning a dog as an adult. I find that they bring great happiness, entertainment, companionship, and security. I know not everyone feels this way, and if you don't own a dog already you may be especially wary of dog ownership after reading about their high costs in this post. […]

The Joy of Disconnecting

You’ve heard the horror stories in the news — “Teen Racks Up Multi-Thousand Dollar Phone Bill” or “Video Game Enthusiast Dies in 24+ Hour Gaming Marathon.” Of course these are extreme examples, but the fact remains that we are obsessed with our technological devices. […]

Fast, Single-Serving "Fake" Desserts

Frequently, my husband and I will be watching a movie, hours after dinner, and some weird dessert craving will hit me. After thirty years of marriage, he is used to it. It’s not like I have just seen an ad for an ice-cream sundae, or that I am thumbing through a magazine illustrating foolproof pie crust. […]

Best Money Tips: The College Edition

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today, we are highlighting some awesome articles about finances in college! Top 5 Articles 4 Places To Get Your Textbooks For Cheap — To get your textbooks for cheap, buy them used. […]