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Ask the Readers: What Has Been Your Best Investment Yet?

We make many investments throughout our lives — many require money, time, effort, or some combination of all three. The big ones are education, career, and retirement, but the small investments like a weekend getaway with your friends or weekly dinner-dates with your spouse are no less... […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 06/21

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/bestdeals/today Don't miss today's hot deals! Cycling LED Neon Light Flash Lamp Bulb Safety Alarm $7, Erasable Prismacolor Scholar... […]

Best Online Sites for Building Wealth

Managing your money has never been easier with the influx of countless online sites to help you build wealth. In the past, your options were limited to either hiring a financial planner, or going at it on your own and hoping you were on track to reach your goals. But now there are online companies... […]

Best Money Tips: How to Blog Like a Pro on an Amateur's Budget

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on free and cheap tools for blogging like a pro, signs that you’re too frugal, and ways to make your time at the airport more bearable. Top 5 Articles 30 Free and Cheap Tools to Help You Blog Like a Pro on an... […]

6 Ways to Score Free Food at Chick-fil-A

Before they put a Chick-fil-A in my neighborhood, my taste buds and waistline didn't know what they were missing. Now that I have a Chick-fil-A nearby, it is hard to resist the delicious food, but even more so the amazing customer service. As much as I love Chick-fil-A, I do not love that it costs... […]

Should You Hire a Broker to Buy a Car?

After four years living car-free, a job change recently pushed my family to buy a vehicle. I dreaded going head-to-head with a car salesman and possibly failing to negotiate a good price. While researching how to get a good deal on a used car, I happened upon this quote in an Edmunds article:... […]

Get the Most Cash Back When You Sign Up for a New Credit Card

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/5-best-credit-cards-that-offer-bonus-cash-for-sign-up?u... In an effort to attract new cardholders, credit card issuers offer... […]

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Costco Credit Card

Whether you’re a frequent Costco shopper or not, you’ve likely heard by now of the new Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi from our partner Citi. For years, Costco only accepted American Express credit cards, including their American Express Costco TrueEarnings card. This new... […]

8 $100k+ Jobs You Can Do Online

Work no longer has to be a place. As the world of web-entrepreneurship and digital nomadic life becomes more and more mainstream, people are starting to realize that it's easier than ever to make good money online. These aren't get rich quick schemes by any means, and it will take a considerable... […]

9 Dumb Ways You're Going to Waste Money This Summer

There are a lot of great things about summer: long days, warm weather, and vacation season for families to do things together. But summer presents some unique opportunities to waste money. How many of these summer money hazards will leave you wondering where all your cash went? (See also: 7... […]