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7 Ways to Generate New Leads for Your Side Business

ShareThisComing home from a day job and starting work on a side business is a lot more common today than it was in the past. […]

Make Money Online with Free Videos

Do you want to make money online? If so, you’ve probably seen a lot of products that will apparently tell you how, with their product, you’ll become a millionaire by next Friday. Last year I bought one of these online courses. […]

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Say the words "estate planning" and what typically comes to mind are extravagant estates worth millions of dollars. Estate planning is for celebrities and the very wealthy, right? […]

Ask the Readers: What's Your Favorite Childhood Memory? (Win $100)

ShareThisWe have a new addition to the Wise Bread family.  Meet Linsey Knerl's new beautiful baby boy! To celebrate, we're holding a special contest with a $100 Amazon GC prize!  Think of this contest as a giant Hallmark card from Wise Bread readers to Linsey. […]

A Crash Course in Offensive Budgeting

I live in a suburb of an ever-expanding, sprawling metropolis and yet I often chose to bike through the arteries of the city. I navigate my way over potholes, passed unobservant drivers and pedestrians, and pedal by garbage trucks on two spindly wheels. And I do this all by being an offensive cyclist. […]

Adjusting Financial Attitudes: Lessons for Parents and their Children

Most young adults say they wished they’d gotten better financial training from high-school teachers, parents, and even employers, according to a survey on young adults and money conducted on behalf of financial-services provider Charles Schwab. But when these young adults (ages 23-28) were teens, would they have listened, understood, and ac […]

Is This the Best Search Engine Ever for New & Used Cars?

The site is one I found quite by accident. I'm not in the market for a used car, I was actually looking for a quote from Bill Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and stumbled upon this gem. Ahh, I love the Internet. […]

Who's Your Data? The Myths and Misnomers of Unemployment Figures

By now you probably know that data is a group of informational bits, facts, figures, ideas, quantities or patterns in behavior, collections of samples or a group of scientific measurements collected to show informational bits, facts, figures...etc. […]