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Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded

By Xin Lu A couple months ago I wrote about the pros and cons of extending and expanding the popular first time homebuyer tax credit which was due to expire on November 30th, 2009. I wrote that there was a good chance that Congress would extend the credit regardless of the costs. Sure enough, this week Congress has approved an extension and expansion of the credit. […]

Secrets of Telemarketing From an Industry Insider

By Paul Michael They call you at all hours. They don't care if you're eating dinner or taking a shower. And they really don't like to hear you say no. They're telemarketers. And recently, someone from "behind enemy lines" came forward to give us all invaluable tips on dealing with those harassing calls. The information comes from reddit's Ask Me Anything section (IAMA). […]

Simple Living: Determining Your Priorities

By Sarah Winfrey Even with the economy slowly exiting the spectacular nosedive it took last year, many people find themselves with a renewed interest in living simply. However, what that means for each person depends on their own individual priorities. […]

5 Quick Fixes to Salvage a Good Meal

By Tisha Tolar We've all likely burned a pot of something in our lifetime, but sometimes a ruined dinner may not be so ruined after all. Learn a few tricks of the trade and save yourself some time and money. As more and more families go back to basics and choose to stay home to eat, there is a big interest in the recipe industry and cooking shows. […]

The First Step to Budgeting

By Nora Dunn Why do so many budgets fail? Because the first step to budgeting is omitted. When implemented correctly, it can make a huge difference. When the first step is neglected, intangible and unrealistic budgets are often created — a recipe for disaster. So, you ask, what is the first step to budgeting? Keeping Track of Expenses It’s that simple. […]

The Law (of) Suits: Insurance for Men

By Jabulani Leffall In this blog, on this site, I usually explore ways to think about spending rather than ways to actually spend. That’s not my blogcallojob (blog calling or job) to tell you how to spend. But I’d like to pop a sales tag of conversation for fellow men, or women with fellow men in mind, reading this right now and speak plainly. […]

Best Deals For Thursday 11/05/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. 50% To 75% Off Toys At Target Target takes 50% to 75% off select clearance toys. […]

Book Review: Becoming a Category of One Second Edition by Joe Calloway

By Xin Lu In Becoming a Category of One, business consultant Joe Calloway writes about how companies can successfully beat their competition by creating their own category of business and being the only one in it. […]

Dry Cleaning: Hazard to Your Wallet (and Maybe Your Health)

By Tisha Tolar Of course we all like to look good. For some of us, professional attire is a job requirement. We spend a lot of money to look good but we are also doing a lot more homework about how to look good for less money. Dry cleaning seems to be one of those areas where people still spend money without giving it much thought. […]