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5 Best Credit Cards for Back to School Shopping

Whether you have students entering elementary school or college, it’s likely they have a long list of supplies and materials needed to start the school year out. According to the National Retail Federation, average families with a K-12 student, will spend approximately $630 on back to school... […]

20 Ways to Eat Paleo for Super Cheap

For many people, a high protein, low carbohydrate (AKA paleo) diet results in better nutrition and weight loss. However, since paleo diets are more reliant on meat and exclude inexpensive staple foods such as grains, beans, and root vegetables, they can be costly. Luckily, there are a number of... […]

Best Money Tips: Habits of Highly Successful People

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the habits of highly successful people, what you must to do retire early, and ways to save yourself from a fake sale. Top 5 Articles 15 Habits of Highly Successful People — Successful people are open to... […]

The 3 Best Jobs for Expats and Travelers

"The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only a page," said Saint Augustine. Americans take this advice to heart. They love to travel so much that they clock in more than 80 million trips abroad every year, and an estimated 8.7 million of Americans live overseas. But if... […]

Pay Your Bills and 5 Other Things You Must Do Before You Leave on Vacation

You packed for the flight to a really cool location, re-installed the smoke detector, and made sure the oven was off, but there's a lot more you can do to make your return home less stressful. Here are the six things to do before you leave on vacation. 1. Tell Your Bank It happens to everyone at... […]

The Surprising Reasons Your Fixed-Rate Mortgage Payment Could Rise

You're paying off a 30-year or 15-year fixed-rate mortgage loan. Because the interest rate attached to your loan will never rise or fall, this means that your monthly mortgage payment will never change either, right? Not quite. Even if you're paying down a fixed-rate mortgage loan, your monthly... […]

The Simple Way to Decide How Much Rent You Can Really Afford

Are you looking for a new place? Not sure how much you should be spending on rent? We've come up with some general guidelines to help you determine what the ideal rent is for your income. 1. Establish a Budget First, you need to assess your income. How much do you bring in every year, with any... […]

The 5 Best Hair Growth Supplements

Is your hair falling out? Is it thinner than you would like it to be? Fear not, there is a supplement that can help. Whether you want less breakage, more hair growth, or just want to improve the thickness or condition of your hair, hair growth supplements can provide the solution you’ve been... […]

Save Hundreds on Back to School Shopping with These Credit Card Tricks

Preparing for the return to school, whether it’s the first year for your preschooler or Freshman year at college, can be overwhelming and expensive. With back to school shopping predicted to be approximately $630 per year per student, many shoppers are more than happy to take every discount... […]

Ouch! 5 Ways to Make Paying for the Dentist Less Painful

A trip to the dentist might not hurt your pocket if you have dental insurance. All you have to do is flash your insurance card, cover your co-pay, and be on your merry way. But without dental insurance, a routine visit might be more than you bargained for. Not only is there the agony of dealing... […]