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6 Times It's Actually Okay to Be Underwater on Your Home

In the last decade or so, it's become quite common for people to find themselves underwater on their home loans. When real estate values plummeted around 2008, millions of people ended up owing more than what their properties were worth. This led to mass foreclosures and big financial problems... […]

8 Home Buys You Should Never Skimp On

There are some everyday items I personally never skimp on, like toilet paper, kitchen knives, bed sheets, and small appliances. But what about larger items for the home? These are often even more important, as the difference between the cheap stuff and pricier counterparts can have a profound... […]

5 Pet Costs You Don't See Coming

A few months ago, I brought home a ridiculously energetic black lab mix from the local humane society. While the other dogs quietly waited by the desk to have their adoption papers stamped, my new doggie friend strained at the end of his leash, barking and howling and jumping as my partner dragged... […]

Get Paid Real Money From Virtual Work

The Internet age has brought a whole new career to the forefront, one that is only gaining in popularity. A virtual assistant, also referred to as a VA, is typically a self-employed person who provides many different virtual services to their clients. A client could be an individual website owner,... […]

Best Money Tips: Foods That Feed Your Creativity

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the foods that spur creativity, clever kitchen tips and tricks, and the cities with the lowest taxes in America. Top 5 Articles 7 Foods to Feed Your Creativity — A few bites of dark chocolate gives you... […]

Here's How to Get a Sale Price-Match at 16 Popular Stores

My family has been trying to save money these past few years by avoiding unnecessary purchases on everything from clothing to toys to electronics. There are times, though, when things break, clothes wear out, or we otherwise find ourselves heading to the store to fill a new need. Best case scenario... […]

7 Great Sources of Financial Aid for Switching Careers

With ever-growing competition in the job market, it's imperative to improve and develop our professional skill sets. Although higher education and career training can be an expensive investment, there are many sources of financial aid in the form of adult career scholarships, fellowships, and... […]

6 Money Moves to Make for Tomorrow's Mortgage

Borrowers who start preparing for a mortgage loan long before they're actually ready to apply for one are making the right move. They can identify potential trouble spots early enough to resolve them before lenders start picking apart their financials. Prepping for your mortgage application as long... […]

Here's How to Earn $170 a Year With Your Junk Mail

Junk mail. It's the bane of my postal delivery existence. Chances are you hate it too, what with the insurance offers, vacation brochures, and more. It's a waste of paper, annoying, and you wish your mailbox had a chute that sent it directly to the recycle bin. That will all change, however, thanks... […]

Which Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Has the Best Value?

Delta Airlines has a loyal following of customers who appreciate its updated aircraft and its tendency to run a smoother operation than many of its competitors. Furthermore, frequent travelers who live in Delta's hub cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City, are dependent on... […]