New Credit Card Legislation Buzz: An Interview with Wall Street Journal’s Mary Pilon

By Linsey Knerl. Last updated 18 September 2009. 0 comments

The AP just announced that new credit card rules have passed legislation and are headed to President Obama for final approval.  Much speculation can be made on how this new set of guidelines will affect the average consumer, and in our recent Blog Talk Radio interview with The Wallet’s Mary Pilon, we learn that there’s more to credit cards than just law. 

We interviewed Mary over a week ago, and much of what she predicted has come full circle.  In addition to her commentary on new credit legislation (that’s expected to by signed into law by President Obama shortly), she gives some down-to-earth advice on consumer finance, in general.  In our one-on-one chat, we discuss: 

  • The future of Twitter, and how it is used to provide insight for topics covered by the Wall Street Journal
  • The current Credit Card Bill of Rights – What is it good for (absolutely nothing?)
  • How credit cards as a business model isn’t working
  • What you can do now to stay on top of your money (while you still have it) 

Mary’s a straight shooter who has been following the personal finance landscape at the WSJ’s The Wallet blog for some time.  Her perspective is fresh, and her expertise is apparent.  We hope you’ll join us tonight at 8pm CST on our Blog Talk Radio show to hear the buzz on credit, consumers, and the new laws going into effect. 

We’ll also be accepting live callers to the show!  Share your credit concerns or just say “Hi!” – we’d love to hear from you.

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